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  1. just what the doc ordered

    ordered by a doctor from cal. It is walnut, oak, yellow hart, maple, ebony, This was a much needed change of pace from all my cars, trucks, and heavy construction equement. 129 parts, 109 are feathers.
  2. Redskins Staff and Stand

    Made from Yellow Hart and Mahogany woods for a Washington Red Skin's Fan the craved stand side was recycled Mahogany coffee table legs
  3. custom peterbuilt

    A woman sent me some pictures of her boyfrends truck and had me build one as close to it as posable. Chuck
  4. Modern Jeep

    It is made out of yellow hart walnut maple ,the seats are yellow hart and walnut front and back each tire is three pic. of walnut with maple rims and maple hub caps
  5. Unimog Trucks

    Toys&JOYS PATTERN. THIS WAS FUN. Over 200 parts that have to be made in your shop for each truck. Only 16 factory made , 5 different size dowels, less than 3 feet in all. 90 saw cuts to make the thread on each tire. the thruck was designed and built by MERCADE BENZ. not legal to drive in the...
  6. skiders

    Here are three skiders all three are made of different woods. the wheels have 40 cleats in each one. Coments welcome,good or bad. hope you like them.a lot of time in each one. Chuck
  7. custom order Peterbilt

    This was ordered for a dirt contractor. It was made off of a picture his wife sent me. It was one of the most tricked out peterbilt tractors I have ever seen. You name it has it . It was a lot of fun watching it come together.
1-7 of 7 Results