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  1. block plane on blackwood board

    This carving of a block plane in less than 1/2" long and is made of red oak, yellow buckeye, and an unknown found wood. It rests on a "board" made of African blackwood that is approximately 2- 2.5".
  2. umbrella

    yellow buckeye and African blackwood umbrella, approximately 2.5" standing on point
  3. axe with stump

    mahogany and oak axe with yellow buckeye stump, approximately 2" long axe total height approximately 3"
  4. tiny hammer with abstract shape

    This is a tiny hammer less than 3/4" from head to handle end. I like something about the oddly shaped excess wood at the claw end. Looks like the border shape of some undisclosed 51st state. So I guess I am declaring this "definitely un-done, state of origin unknown."
  5. Hammer pulling a wooden nail

    When I showed my middle school students the original hammer, they insisted it needed to be pulling a nail. Like them I am unable to leave well enough alone and this is the result. dimensions are approximate: 1.3" high by 1.5" wide by .75 deep
  6. Focus on the Workspace
    What are some of the shop storage/organizing solutions you've found most useful in your shop? As my wife and I close on our new house this week, I'm looking forward to moving into a new shop space (an actual garage/shop space, for those who know my back story, I'm excited for that). Anyway, I...
1-6 of 6 Results