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  1. Mama's yarn box

    Mom wanted me to make her a yarn box ( This is what I came up with. It's 100% maple. This is my first project using dovetails. I cut them by hand so there are a fair amount of gaps. For a first dovetail project, I don't think it...
  2. Yarn boxes

    My wife requested I build a couple of these for a friend who knits. I decided to build the first one with the highly contrasting colors of maple and walnut. The 2nd one is walnut sides with a maple top. A 1/4" diameter rare earth magnet is used to keep the lid shut. When I got them built, I...
  3. Yarn box for Daughter

    Daughter ask for a yarn box for large skeins of yarn she uses in some projects. Ambrosia Maple per her choice. Box is 9" X 7" X 7". 3/8" thick wood. Bottom is 1/8" Baltic Birch ply. Used a staggered box joint for the corners. 5 coats of wipe on poly. Cured then buffed and waxed and...
  4. Hand Tools
    So, I think I must be missing the point. I have seen a number of youtube videos that include the use of one of those "old school" folding wooden rulers. You know the kind…the kind your father (or grandpa) used to use all the time before tape measures stole the show. Can somebody explain it to...
1-4 of 4 Results