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  1. 1st lighthouse

    Base and roof is out of 3/4 pine. 1/4 in plywood for the window cutouts and plexy for the windows. Used a solar landscape light with the base removed for the light.
  2. Custom Wishing Well Design

    I built this for our 20th anniversary, my wife has wanted one for awhile. So while she was away, I got busy, This is built from scratch from the ground up. It stands just over 8 ft tall, and is about 5 ft to the outer most points. The base is made out of green 2×4's cut to about 12 in each...
  3. "Black Knight" WWI Whirligig

    This is one of the first WWI Whirligigs I made about two years ago. It is modeled after a German tri-plane, the Fokker, which is often linked with the famous Manfred von Richthofen, better known as The Red Baron. It earned a reputation as one of the best "dogfighters". ------------ My love of...
  4. 1915 Spad- Camoflage

    This whirligig is modeled after a French WWI plane produced by Societe Pour L'Aviation et ses Derives or SPAD. Renowned as a sturdy and rugged aircraft. Flown by the American ace, Eddie Rickenbacker. ------------ My love of building WWI whirligigs all started when my wife and I moved to...
  5. Fokker Tri-plane

    The famous German tri-plane often linked with the famous Manfred Von Richthofen, The Red Baron. This one I like to leave with a natural wood finish. ------------ My love of building WWI whirligigs all started when my wife and I moved to Tehachapi Ca and noticed right away that there is almost...
  6. Spitfire Whirligig

    This model Spitfire marked my expansion into building WWII whirligigs. The Spitfire was Britain's premier fighter aircraft. Using this plane the RAF saved the United Kingdom from coming under Hitler's rule. It was the pilot's of this airplane that gave rise to Winston Churchill's famous quote...
  7. Albatross D VA

    My latest whirligig, the "Dragon Slayer", formed the bulk of the German air force. Two-thirds of the Baron Von Ricthofin's (AKA The Red Baron) 80 kills were in the Albatross.
  8. Silver Nieuport 17C

    This French fighter was one of the aircraft that ended the Fokker scourge in 1916. Also flown by an American squadron the Lafaette Escadrille featured in the movie, "The Flyboys". -
  9. Bookmatched antique heart pine cornhole boards

    I'm relatively new to LJ, just discovered the projects section so I'll post up a few of my favorites. I built these for myself, they drove me to buy a riser block for my bandsaw! I started with rough cut 2×10, what I actually resawed after trimming was right at 8" I cut from each side on the...
  10. Stained concrete and wood fence

    I am redoing my yard of my (new to me) house. this was a painted brick wall with a 5 Inch concrete cap. I made a fence just tall enough to fit under the cap, all scrap wood. As I was staining it red oak i got some on the cream colored concrete. thought it looked good so I did the whole cap...
  11. Fence Gate

    When I bought my house in May of this year, the fence was in pretty good shape except for one of the gates. It was basically just a panel of wood propped up in the opening; the hinges were all useless and the latch couldn't even close. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a few major flaws in the...
  12. Yard Navtivity Scene

    The figures range from 6" to 18" tall. I shine a bright light on the scence for a few hours at night to show what Christmas is really about.

    GAZEBO DOORS….. (2) 24×70 in. 5/4 clear cedar doors and trim with brass hardware.The panels are 1×6 t&g.The rails and stiles are pegged, 1 1/2 in. tenons (6 per door ).
  14. Cedar Gates

    A little late posting this one. Our daughter ( 18 months old) developed a fascination with the front yard this summer and was not content keeping to the backyard where her mom could keep an eye on her while gardening. What better excuse for a fun little project than to keep my little princess...
  15. Easter Crosses

    Easter 2020, when COVID blew everything up, I made some crosses out of old ceder fence pickets, then posted online offering no-contact porch dropoff (free) to anyone who wanted one. Ended up delivering about a dozen. Quick, fun, satisfying little project. Pickets are planed one side only, so...
  16. Custom Fence

    Custom built fence, built from scratch picket by picket for my backyard. All I have left to do is fabricate some gates. The fence in the very background will be removed from by my neighbor and we will be constructing my fence in its place. This is my first fence job and I am thrilled with the...
  17. Tag Arbor

    I finally have my arbor in place in my flower ring. I planted silver lace vines on each side and they are already climbing! Dick thanks for the idea and I have had alot of nice comments. Wait til the vines grow and bloom!
  18. gazebo or pergola or trellis... I dont know what to call it!!! and a hand-rail.

    a redwood structure I just finished a few weeks ago. i need to upgrade my work camera, the dates are wrong.

    I made this today for my mother's 70th birthday she loves plants and flowers and has been asking me to build her a trellis or two. This obelisk is obviously super rustic- nothing fancy- easy to build (screws and nails no mortise and tenon at all.) It is made of locust with grapevine accents...
  20. Outhouse for little people

    My Mother has a nice back yard, but it has an ugly old well casing sticking up in the middle of it. I couldn't stand it any more. I browsed the internet for ideas, squished them all together and came up with this. It is 14" square at the base and about four feet tall. My plans consisted of a...
1-20 of 39 Results