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  1. first box

    Made a Xmas present for the Mrs. Stared on this project almost two months ago, only can work on it a few minutes here and there… I have learned several new curse words in the process lol, but it was a fun project. Im new to woodworking, I have actually spent more time restoring old machines...
  2. Finished Journeyman´s piece

    Hey Guys, since you helped me with a Problem i had during the build of my Piece, i wanted to share the result with you guys and express my gratitude. My piece was originally designed as a Toolchest. Now i am not so sure anymore:) I used Ash and Walnut. The Panel i put it the Lid is also ash...
  3. 2020 Christmas Ornament

    My family has a tradition where every year we each get an ornament to commemorate something important that happened to us throughout the year. An example: the year I got my driver's license the ornament for me was a car. This year I used my CNC to make a collective ornament for everyone in the...
  4. Nativity Scene Christmas Ornaments

    A few nativity scene ornaments I made on my CNC this year to give out as gifts. They're made from red oak with a light shellac finish.
  5. Christmas Snowflakes on the CNC

    I signed up for a RedditGifts ornament exchange and wanted to try something I've never done before with my CNC, two-sided carves. I'm extremely happy with how the snowflakes came out. The snowflakes are Mahogany and Cherry
  6. Xmas Decorations

    Decorations that I made for my grandma for xmas 2009 with my scroll saw.
  7. For my Xmas tree

    This ornament is 7 inchs long and is made with maple and paduak. I did not put a sealer on it before sanding so the red migrated into the maple as you can see in the photo. I will learn the hard way. BLO with lacquer.
  8. Xmas Decorations

    Snowmen decorations that I made with 2×4s and my scroll saw for my grandma for xmas 2007.
  9. My Little Girls Xylophone

    This was one of the Christmas gifts that I made for my daughter (she'll be 2 on Feb 20); it is made out of Sapele and heartwood of a huge birch tree that I had milled from our property (the same birch that I made her crib out of :-) This project was actually 1 of 4 gift ideas that I video'd and...
  10. Snowman ornament

    Cut this little guy from more olive wood. It stands about 3" tall and is smooth as glaaaasssssss. I'm going to make quite a few of these guys for the fam.
  11. Engel aus alter Eiche

    Hi, I need a present for xmas 2014. I decide to build a lamp with led and old oak for my mum. First I keep a old oak beam and go by an building center to buy leds. The problem the led´s was tooo small for the beam. And so I find the angels and integrate they.. At last, I try to grave an...
  12. Xmas projects

    First off I have to thank Bob Hamm of for showing how to make these projects. These are a fun items to make. The largest one is cherry with maple. the tree is decorated with fabric glitter. It is a glue with glitter in it. Did not know what it would turn out like but tried it...
  13. A few things for Xmas Orders...

    Just a few pics of some of the items ordered for Xmas… these are part of an order I got from a mate at my part time job… he ended up ordering 7 Lazy Larrys, these included Pic #1 Chevron Pattern. Tumbling Blocks. One heading to the USA My take on Elegant Ellens Kaleidoscope meets Lazy Larry Pic...
  14. Simple xmas tree ornaments

    i was looking for something to do for Christmas trees and on pinterest i found this tree made of different kinds of wood, i got the idea from there and made that one( what Picasso used to say about copying…) and made those two others, i think they look kinda nice, lets see how they look on the...
  15. Wooden Christmas Sleigh Decoration

    I know its not Christmas but I wanted to share this decoration I made last year! Video My YouTube
  16. Wooden Christmas Sleigh Decoration

    Take a look at this Christmas Decoration I made last year. Please check out my YouTube page to see how it is made Video- My Channel-
  17. Xmas gifts - fancy trays

    Some gifts made and given for Xmas 2015. Two types of tray; both had a walnut ply bottom, one was zebrawood with wenge splines and the other was wenge with maple splines. Dimensions approximately 21" by 14" tray bottom. Finished with a high gloss Formby's tung oil varnish.
  18. Fun Xmas project

    Here is a fun Xmas project. About 30 years ago I used to make these around Xmas time to make a little extra money to help pay for Xmas. My son recently said he would like to have a set, so I made a set for all my kids and my two granddaughters. These are easy to make and lots of fun. I don't...
  19. A late posting of some 2010 Xmas presents

    These are just a few presents I made for last Christmas that I didn't get around to posting till now. The first is a Padauk and Rock Maple cutting board, a la The Wood Whisperer. Big hit with Sis-n-law. The next are screwdrivers and a marking knife. I picked up two screwdriver kits after last...
  20. Scrap Wood X-Mas Gift

    I make these every year twice a year, I do a craft show at the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival and for X-mas. This is a grape leaf wine glass holder that sits atop a bottle of wine. Use up whatever scrap piece you have and it does not even have to be flat 100%. Cut this out with a coping saw...
1-20 of 26 Results