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  1. Simple Mirror from Scrap

    This was a piece of Wyche Elm that was on the firewood pile Danish Oil mix
  2. Garden Bench

    Garden Bench in Wyche Elm The seat is sculpted like a tractor seat and moulds nicely to the butt Finished in a sort of Danish Oil mix The clients are Artist & Architect a wonderful couple The brief was the briefest ever This is part two of a three part set I may have lost the final part...
  3. Garden Bench in Situ

    Wood is Wyche Elm Finish is a sorta Danish Oil I made patterns of the bench in case Ikea chooses me as there designer. LoL Well the sun was out in Ayrshire today The pieces were to big for me to install alone So I enlisted the help of my Jolly Rouges Albert n Sanny You can get by with a...
  4. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I have built this box to put between the top and bottom of my tool boxes at work. I am having a problem though. I don't know a good way to support the front when it drops down. I bought the typical lid supports and I cannot find a way to install them because they have to move more than 90...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have been reading about infill planes and their outrageous prices. What is the advantage of these plane and what justify their prices? Thank you
  6. Blogs
    Why & With What I need a Bench I don't have a Bench except for my wee carving one Many Shop projects have one thing in common They don't get finished and get put on hold I know, I've started selecting timber for the bench many times It oddly becomes part of a customers order This time...
1-6 of 6 Results