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  1. Lacewood rocking chair

    I already have this chair in my projects, but I did't have totally finished pictures yet. So here they are finished pictures setup in my "studio " lol Customer picked up his chair last week and was very happy, I think he strapped the chair down better then his own kid, J/k kid was safe of course.
  2. Blogs
    First progress report Okay I started this chair Jan 28th 2010 I wanted to get finish put on after 30 days…... simple goal eh? To my credit I got everything I could have done until I needed to use th 1/2'' rabbit and 3/4 round over I did not have but ordered took 10 days to get here )-: So far...
  3. Blogs
    Day number one - Do a bunch of work! So i've been building the Sam Maloof, Hal Taylor inspired rocking chair to the point that about all I do is build these chairs and I love it! I've decided to market them locally as well as on the internet, so far i've done small, medium and large in soft...
1-3 of 3 Results