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  1. Walnut & Wrought Iron Wine Rack

    A Walnut n wrought iron wine rack
  2. A Bow Front "New Home" Table from 30 Years Ago

    This is a project that I abandoned almost 30 years ago. While preparing to sell my former home, I was faced with the overwhelming challenge of cleaning out my old Model T garage/shop. I found the top I built for the circa 1895 "New Home" wrought iron legs. In parts, it was in terrible...
  3. Wine Bar

    My wife came to me one day and asked me to build her a wine bar. So I jotted down her input on how she wanted it to look and then started to design it. About 2 months later…....still just a design on paper. But that was the plan. My wife is from Tennessee and loves her state. So I sourced some...
  4. Live Edge Coffee Table

    I made this table several years ago from an oak cut off of my dads land. The wrought iron base I made with the help of a blacksmith friend of mine. The slabs set in our shop in NC for years before I built the table. At the time when I built the table I didn't do anything with the few cracks...
1-4 of 4 Results