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  1. White Birdseye Maple Bangle with Stainless Steel Core

    Another of the prototype designs. making these to order for folks. Steamed and bent pale birdseye maple mounted on a stainless steel bangle core. This wood is figured nicely for birdseye. hard to see in the photos. Excellent white-on-white effect.
  2. Nice Amber Silky Lacewood - Made a ring with it

    Same ole steam and bend process using CA as binder and stabilizer. Sanding then micro-mesh. Exterior is finished with Behlen Wood Turner finish and Behlen topcoat. Beeswax polish.
  3. Keeping Busy - Bent Wood Rings

    rather than post every ring I make here I thought I'd post a general project card to show just a few of the designs and varieties I'm experimenting with. Unfortunately not all of these will make the cut for the more elegant look I want at Etsy but I give them to friends and people I meet when...
1-3 of 3 Results