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  1. bricks

    This segmented bowl was made with oak, black cedar and white and black veneer for the handle; is 8" tall and 8" diameter, the finish was made with sand sealed and spray lacker. It has more o less 295 pieces. Thanks for watching and/or your comments. Jaime
  2. Focus on the Workspace
    Hello, I'm about to install overhead lighting in my workshop, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on lighting hardware. The shop is an enclosed brick building, about 8-feet by 14-feet with 9-foot ceilings. There is a large picture window on one side of the building, but the...
  3. Focus on the Workspace
    My workshop is also my 2 car garage. It has a fluorescent 4 tube fixture currently, which is in need of replacement. Other than that my only light source is either natural light from the windows or the single light bulb in the door opener. I am planning on replacing the one fluorescent fixture...
1-3 of 3 Results