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  1. Shop Stool

    This stool was built based on the stool built by David Marks on wood works. The through tenons are made by cutting away the top and re gluing it back together. While he didn't use dowels on the top i did and it made it way easier to put back together and added a nice little touch. On the...
  2. Hat Making Tool: Rounding Jack for the Infamous Hatman Jack at Wichita Hat Works, Wichita, Kansas

    This Rounding Jack (Brim Cutter) was a commissioned piece, and so it has been sold. If you would like something similar, please email me at [email protected] ---------------------------------------- Video: What does this thing do? Watch this video by California Custom Hat Maker Tom Gomez...
  3. Steady Rest For Wood Turners

    I found the plans for this in one of Wood Magazines jigs,fixtures and storage plans. Works like a charm on anything long and inround. If it's out of round, forget it. It's made from 3/4s plywood, rollerblades and T track. If you send me an S.A.S.E. I'll make a copy of the plans for you and send...
  4. Blogs
    How to Make a Ball-Jointed Doll in Wood At long last, my latest booklet, How to Make a Ball-Jointed Doll in Wood, is finished and available. After a year of trials and errors I have made a darn good set of plans and instructions for my 7" ball-jointed doll. The booklet is 48 pages long- more a...
  5. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    Share your tips on starting and maintaining a successful woodworking business (Discussions from the April '09 eMag)
1-5 of 5 Results