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  1. Purpleheart and Ash Jewellery Box

    Just a quick look at my latest project, I have seen a couple of boxes a bit like this and I thought I would design and build my own. I have made a google sketchup model of this project and PDF of the leg template, both of which you can download for free at my website...
  2. malletcompass custom made

    This is a custom made one of a kind maple ,walnut and mahogany mallet that also turns into a very nice compass for drawing circles from 1.5 inches to 33 inches ive tested it some and love it I have plans available in my youtube video description please check it out here a video on how I made...
  3. Walnut Crib

    Building this crib has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had. It's taken a long time, but I've loved every minute of it. During my time in the shop I've been able to reflect and prepare myself for what's to come. I have no idea what to expect, but I know that parenthood will...
  4. "Kinda" Natural Edged Bowl

    I recently turned this natural edged bowl, bellow you can see a video of me turning it, enjoy! For more images of this bowl and a look at another bowl turning (4th image) using wooden from a log check out this webpage: My turning process for...
  5. Cocobolo Wooden Twist Pen

    Despite having been turning for a number of years now I have never got round to turning a wooden pen, finally a few weeks ago I got round to making this one out of a cocobolo pen blank. The video bellow explains how I made it!
  6. My first wooden Mallet

    Mallet made out of scrap wood pieces. I followed instructions from Jay on Jays custom creations. The mallet is only 4 in x 2 in. It was more of a practice piece for me until I can make a more perfect one. I do like the character of the wood contrast in this one though.
  7. Tablesaw Snowflakes

    Hey LJ! I came across this method of making these cool little wooden snowflakes a while back, this year I decided I would make some for Christmas. These ones are made for ash and cherry If you want to see more about how they are made watch the video bellow and visit my website where I have...
  8. Woodturning Project - Goblet

    Hey LJs! So on youtube I reached my 1000th subscriber so to celebrate I posted this video showing how to make a this really nice goblet. I'm pretty happy with it, let me know what you think. See my YouTube Page Here! Enjoy :)
  9. Gazebo Fly-Through Platform Bird Feeder

    I build these large fly-through bird feeders about 10 years ago. The first one I designed after I had patched up an old Amish-built one for a coworker. That bird feeder was quite large and had a copper roof on it. I really liked how practical it was - you simply toss bird seed inside and the...
  10. Bog-wood?

    Ever worked with bog-wood? Please continue reading to find out my thoughts. I've got a commission to make a knife, including a leather sheath to go with it. The client asked if I would mind using a piece of Swedish bog-wood for the handle that he had treated with PEG (polyethylene glycol) for...
  11. Spalted Maple Turned Box- With Stand (Yay)!

    Hey LJ! So if you have been following me on youtube you should know I was sent a box with some great bits of wood. Incidently you can also follow me on twitter more updates. One of those pieces of wood was a small but really great chunk of spalted maple. I decided I would use the splated...
  12. Tuanie's Avondster Parts 2 &2

    A more detailed footage is portrayed in these two sites. Filmed by a friend. You got to ignore the mug of the jock. Yours truly. trying to out shine the woodwork!!!! Please Refer or click on
  13. Custom Sword Display Box

    This is a custom sword box I built for a co-worker who wanted to incorporate the letter associated with his company group in college. The sword was an item recieved by all graduates. One box contains a gothic O for his father and the other a gothic G for him. They had both graduated from the...
1-20 of 92 Results