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  1. Woodturning
    Hi, I have been turning pens for a few years now, but i have constant issues with the pen retracting when writing. I ordered the first batch from PSI, the pack of 12 trimline kits and all of them did it (what a way to get motivated!) and now, i order from China - Xiamen rhizeng ind. And it does...
  2. Woodturned tealight candle holder

    I turned this Tealight Candle Holder from a piece of Spalted Horse Chestnut.
  3. Airsoft GoPro mount

    Not long ago I bought an airsoft shotgun, to play a few battles with friends and shot them down, but I didnt had a way to film the actual batle, like and first person shoter game. So I searched for some sort of mount to secure my gopro to the weapon.. Unfortunately I only found mount to smg and...
  4. Chisel Handles

    I turned these Chisel Handles to create a uniform look and to replace my old plastic and broken wood handled Chisels. Most of these belonged to my Dad. I cleaned up the steel, sharpened and I use them almost daily. The handles are made from Ash from the wood burning pile :)
  5. Marbleized Bowl

    Today I went out in my shop and played around with some silver maple. Start to finish turned and dried on the lathe. I used dyes to marbleize the surface. 14 inches in diameter 1/4 inch thick.
  6. Wood Soldier Turned Christmas Decorations

    Made some wood soldiers for Christmas gifts. Turned from poplar dowels. My daughter does the detailing.
  7. My First Square Plate - Maple and African Mahogany

    I bought a lathe off of Craigslist a couple months ago and now I understand why people say woodturning is so addictive. There are so many new projects I want to try. I started out simple and made some Harry Potter wands as gifts, a small bowl, and some pens. At the same time, I still enjoy...
  8. Hickory Bowl With Pyrography

    Here's a hickory bowl I recently finished. It is 13×5 and finished with walnut oil. This is my first time doing pyrography on a turning. I used a propane torch to scorch the smoother sections and a basket weave nib to burn the pattern into the piece. If you want to see the process, you can...
  9. Shaving Brush Set

    Shaving brush and razor turned from cocobolo
  10. Carved bowl

    The decoration on this spalted sycamore bowl is a hand carved and burned knot. This project was full of firsts: first carving of this sort, first time working with spalted wood, first time working with anything this big and unbalanced on my lathe, first time turning green wood, first time drying...
  11. Easter Plant Pot

    I made this for my wife for Easter. It's 4″ tall and 6″ in diameter and made of Maple with a band of Paduak.
  12. Spalted Maple

    Finally had some time at the lathe in the shop…this one is spalted maple, 8" wide and about 3" tall. Finsih so far is just one coat of danish oil, but more finish sanding and some more oil are in its future. The wood was punky and I almost gave up on it. Comments and critiques please….
  13. Shop-made Sharpening System for Woodturners (roughing, spindle, bowl, skew, etc.)

    The best sharpening system for woodturning tools, in my view, is this:,43072,52372 If you have some shop time and interest in building your own sharpening system for your turning tools, it is not hard to do so from scraps...
  14. Dizzy Bowl - My Version

    Isn't it amazing how you can leave your computer in the house with a plan firmly set in your mind, walk to the shed and begin construction, and finish up with something which vaguely resembles what you planned to do. BUT, I love it and I hope you do too. So, it's not a mistake, just a new...
  15. Twigpot for mother in law

    I turned this twigpot form slightly spalted poplar as a gift for the mother in law.
  16. Segmented Bowl

    Found some plans online for an easy segmented bowl. Thought I would give it a try. I'm quite happy with the results.
  17. Cherry Plate

    This was my project for our president's challenge for our woodturning club this month. The challenge was to turn a wall display. I turned a cherry blank into a plate and decided to embellish with some woodburning. I have done very little woodburning so far but looking to expand upon it. I...
  18. From Firewood To Natural Edge Bowls

    I was getting ready for winter and splitting some wood that I have just got form the bush. I had the axe raised ready to split this one piece and had to stop and admire the grain on this wood looking at it from the top. I found it quite interesting so I put it to the side and thought one day I...
  19. Osage orange and curly maple cutting board

    First cutting board ever from osage and hard maple cut at home and milled in small boards on my bandsaw. Tools used: Craftsman 14 inch bandsaw Porter cable 6 inch jointer Handheld belt sander
  20. Protect Your Tips

    It may not be much to look at for most people but this box holds seven of my most treasured possessions. . . my chisels. ;) Since my current woodworking opportunities are almost entirely limited to hand tools, I decided to practice some box joints while building a container to keep my favorite...
1-20 of 500 Results