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  1. Table Saw Dust Collector

    As I've posted before, I tend to take equipment, and materials work the best they can for my needs. I have gone to a whole new level now with permanent, "fixed"(I hope), dust collection. I have a "screamer" table saw that I built a massive rolling workbench for, with miter slots, and storage. I...
  2. New shop doors almost done.

    So I'm finally going to have front doors for the shop. These have been fun making these.
  3. Joker Board #4

    This is the fourth game board I've made for this game. I guess this is my obligatory LJ tumbling block, but without the cutting board. The background design is Hickory, Walnut, and Mahogany. The playing surface is Maple with Walnut "dots" (they mark where the corners would be on a...
  4. Round Scrap wood end table

    This goes along with the first end table I made quite some time ago. due to the small size of my apt I need something small. It's 20" and 14" round. It's made from a few different shot cuts I had left over and also found at a local yard. Please check out my blog or other posts. cheers Joe
  5. Interior of woodshop

    These are some photos depicting the typical condition of my woodshop. I can have as many as 30 projects underway at a time so the shop can get pretty messy real quick. I try to keep it fairly clean and organized for safety reason but I still allow to get out of control occassionally!!
  6. First Raised Panel Cabinet

    My first raised panel cabinet is done. Slideshow follows. It should download and open on it's own and then click it to move from one side to another. Many thanks to all LJ's who answered my many questions even after I made a nuisance of myself. Slideshow of making the raised panel cabinet
  7. Sound baffle cyclone air return

    I'm happy to have thought long enough about sound and noise when converting a small garage into a shop. I built a small lean to 14' X 9'-ish to hold my air compressor and cyclone dust collector. I got everything installed and it's working great except I still need to build a return. Not a big...
  8. Shelf on the wall in three colors

    Three shelves with inserts from different types of wood. The creation process can be viewed by the link:
  9. Cutting board

    My Instagram - My Facebook - My YouTube - I decided to experiment and made such a cutting board. Cut, nut end and oak. Link to the video as I did this board: Other my boards: Cutting...
  10. Shopmade “Rockler” style corner clamps

    Here is my version of the Rockler corner clamps. All shopmade out of scrap wood. I made a YouTube video on how to make these and I provide a free template so you can make your own. Here is a link to the video
  11. Design mirror

    This mirror can be attributed to the heading of waste in revenue. Almost all the tree used in this mirror was taken from scraps. Everyone has a pleasant inspiration. VENKO wood- home workshop for the creation of wood products. DIY projects of both simple and unique products. Here are all my...
  12. Wood as Marble. Panel from wood

    My Instagram - My Facebook - My YouTube - The panel is made entirely of natural materials, wood and plywood. This picture is collected from different types of wood. No paints and stains...
  13. Eco panel of walnut

    Link to video: My Instagram - My Facebook - My YouTube - VENKO wood- home workshop for the creation of wood products. DIY projects of both simple and unique products. Here are all my...
  14. Plane

    That's how I remade the old plane. The creation process is below by reference:
  15. Wall panel made of waste wood

    Here is a panel made from the remains of the tree. I wonder how I did, the link below:
1-20 of 177 Results