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  1. Raised garden bed from Cedar slabs I milled

    These are some raised garden beds I made for the wife. Pretty simple design, there is (4) 8'x4' boxes around a small octagon herb garden in the middle. It is all made of 8/4 cedar planks with one live edge for looks. It is nice to have a Woodmizer LT40 to cut my own slabs to do this kind of...
  2. Loch Ness Box

    This is my Loch Ness box, the image on the top explains the title. The box's style was originated from the design I created using Sketchup in my first blog. I thought this project will be easy for my current set of tools but I ruined 2 sets before I succeeded. The first 2 sets using my hardwoods...
  3. Woodland Place benches (4)

    Recently, I was approached about providing furniture for a room in the assisted living home where my mother lives. It is an enclosed porch that over looks a courtyard. The courtyard is due for development and planting by a local Master gardening group and the little room will be a great place...
  4. shaker night stand

    Night stand made of cherry. Through tenons with pegs. Drawer is box joinery. Size is roughly 15"x15"x26". Finish is one coat of boiled linseed oil, then satin poly sprayed with Earlex.
  5. Live Edge Pecan Bowl

    I had some free time yesterday and a Pecan log/limb that kept saying; Turn Me - Turn Me! I guess this is what it wanted too be! Finish; Wipe on Poly. Thanks for looking!
  6. Cradle

    Cradle made with myrtlewood and padauk. It can be taken out of the stand and rarried around. In the stand it can rock or be locked in place for changing.
  7. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    Hello, So I have now a Woodmizer saw mill, a fully operational solar Kiln up and running and a ton of Cherry and Figured Pacific maple drying. I did this so that I can use the wood myself but now I am thinking of making a business out of it. I look over the web to get pricing and get so many...
  8. Wood & Lumber
    Hey folks! New video release: "Prehistoric Sinker Cypress Stump" which is part of our new "Soul of the Tree" series on YouTube. I thought the group might enjoy this crazy mill job. BTW, we do not own the lumber or slabs. We simply milled it for the client & I produce these videos to give...
  9. Blogs
    Making walnut slabs with a saw mill - Wood mizer LT40-HD In this video I'm making lumber from some Canadian Black Walnut logs on a 1992 wood-mizer LT-40HD. I'm flitch sawing the logs keeping the live edge on. Which is not only good for table tops, I get extra lumber that I can use for my...
  10. Blogs
    Making lumber with a Woodmizer sawmill Hello again everyone, just uploaded a new video showing the milling of a log on a Woodmizer saw mill, it's a time lapse video with a voice over describing what's going on. Check it out and thanks for watching!
  11. Blogs
    I cut my sawmill in half! This is part 1 of 2 in this first video I show the process of cutting a sawmill in half then bolting it back together to be able to cut at stock width of 28'' then be able to extend to give a full width cut of 46''
  12. Blogs
    20" x 20" x 144" Parota Timber verses WoodMizer LT70 Yesterday, we made a set of 10 bookmatched 8/4×20" Parota slabs from a monster Parota (Guanacaste) timber. Parota is very similar to Koa in appearance but does not weigh nearly as much. View on YouTube
  13. Wood & Lumber
    My father and I have been jawing about cutting down some trees on his land in Weld, Maine, and having a portable sawmill operator come to mill it for us. Well, we finally did it at the end of September. We milled up a whole pile of hard maple, ash, and white birch. The sawmill owner/operator...
  14. Site Help and Suggestions
    I am new to this site and was looking for a Woodmizer LT15 SAWMILL. Wondering if anyone has heard of one for sale. I am in the midwest, but not concerned about location. Thanks Doug
  15. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    SOLD I need to sell my Woodmizer LT15 Sawmill. I bought this new in 2001 for $6200. It's a great manual mill. 15 hp Kohler, can cut up to 28in logs. Has extra track, so I can cut up to 17ft logs. I bought it to mill wood for my floors for my log home. It has been used for other small projects...
  16. Wood & Lumber
    Back in June I scored two white oak logs that were recently cut down in my neighborhood. The forum topic where I was gloating is here: link To recap, I had these puppies sitting in my driveway waiting to be picked up by the sawyer (and a little explaining to do to my wife)! A day or so...
1-16 of 16 Results