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  1. Bedside Table with Entrapped Ring

    Most of the components (centre piece and table top) for this project were made on the lathe. the feet were cut out with a coping saw (I do not have a bandsaw..) and then rounded over using a 1/4" round-over bit on the router table. A simple project you can make in a day.
  2. First Ever Bowl

    This is my first ever bowl turned on the lathe, from a green horse chestnut log that was pretty wet all the way through still. Pictures are before sanding and waxing.
  3. First ever turned goblet

    This is my first ever turned goblet, I am going to enter it into a competition at a woodturning exhibiton that I'm going to in two weeks time. The goblet was finished with a coat of polyurethane varnish. Here is the link for this goblets youtube video I made;
  4. 1st turns...

    Here are my 1st turns on the lathe. From left to right Candle holder - Ekki wood from Africa 2 candle holders made from 3/4 plywood scrap glued up. The top are different to see what the wife liked… 2 boxes are Walnut and Ash tops.. forgot to finish the one top…glad I have this picture to...
  5. Burr Elm Bowl

    I got three burr elm blanks as a birthday gift from my girlfriend yesterday, so I turned one just now and this was the outcome. I do not have a chuck so I used a faceplate to turn the bowl. The finish was polyurethane on the outside and danish oil on the inside. I used the least 'pippy' blank as...
  6. Reclaimed Oak Dining Table

    It's reclaimed oak from a tobacco barn in North Carolina. Purchased by a guy who took it apart and brought it down to Jacksonville, FL. He sold the lumber years later to a guy who sold it to me. haha It's the hardest oak I've ever worked with and I made the huge mistake of trying to plane it...
  7. Spalted Beech Light Pull

    Just a quick project to make out of an offcut. Any sized amount of this spalted beech is just too nice to throw away…
  8. winged bowl

    it's my first atempt to do something like that and i think i have done well
  9. Woodturning
    I ordered my dvr xp about 2 weeks ago when woodcraft had the offer to get a free sn2 chuck, cole jaws and insert when you ordered a dvr xp. now no websites have that sale listed, I can't find the offer anywhere to get the form to send in. also woodcraft and No other websites are even selling the...
  10. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a DeWalt DW959 18v cordless drill that just started sparking and smoking from the vents at the back of the drill. I blew air through the vents to be sure there was no dirt/dust inside and that did not help. Does this sound like something that can be easily repaired or should I start...
1-10 of 10 Results