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  1. Cigarette Teak Case

    A wooden cigarette case made from teak and finished with several coats of lacquer. All walls are 3mm thick except from the back side which is 6mm.
  2. You Name It - This Week's Woodstuffs

    These are a few of the items made and shipped this week. I use a 1974 Craftsman bandsaw with an eighth inch blade. Sand to 320 grit. They measure 5/8×5/8×2-4 inches, and are finished with three coats of lacquer. The woods pictured are Figured Cuban Mahogany, Cherry, Narra (amboyna), Paduak...
  3. Wedding Automaton

    This is a present for a recently married couple based on some of their wedding photos. They were married in a Scottish Castle with pipers and kilts, daffodils and snow.
  4. Hand burned Christmas Gift Tags,Ornaments

    Another easy project for Christmas gift giving when time is short and money is tight. Wooden gift tag/ornaments. Use the back as a gift tag To/From. And burn the year into the back- wala- dual purpose item. No paper wasted. Makes a nice little gift for the paper lady, the postal carrier...
  5. Wood pendant

    Material: Stabilized Karelian birch wood Size: 1,85 inch or 47 mm long
  6. Walnut Belt Buckle

    First buckle (001/10). Working out the idea in a beautiful piece of Walnut. It is sanded to 600 grit, finished with three coats of wipe on poly, waxed and buffed. I am hoping to start making these in all types of figured hardwoods. I have saved some nice little chunks for something special...
  7. Walnut End Grain Block

    Probably our finest product? You decide!,-accessories-and-serving-dishes./Chopping-Boards/End-Grain-Blocks/80mm-Black-Walnut-Butchers-Block A...
  8. Friction Fit Wooden Jewellery Box

    In this video I will be making this beautiful Jewellery Box, designed for some Cuff Links. This is a simple build and can be made very easily with limited tools! It contains Mitre joints and a cushioned bottom to protect the Jewellery. Please see the full video build on my YouTube channel to see...
  9. My Wooden Table Saw Fence

    As a hobbyist on a very tight budget, I have to look for bargains in used tools. So when I got the opportunity to pick up a vintage Craftsman saw for $35 to replace my el cheapo jobsite saw, I jumped. Of course the downside of most of these old saws is the frustrating fence (if it's even still...
  10. MiniTag Mania

    These are Cocobolo, Paduak and Purpleheart, respectively. They measure approximately 7/16" high, 1/4" thick and 2 - 2 3/4" long.
  11. Recent pieces - "Peace in Wood" Video

    Continuing to conquer the world… one keychain at a time. 1st - Ipe, Paduak, Pau Amarello - HeartFob Keychains 2nd - Walnut Keychains 3rd - Mixed Exotics Samplers 4th - Oak Desk Name 5th - Cherry Love Keychain 6th - Cumaru HeartFob I also took a short video of a keychain being born… here...
  12. Renovated Wooden Scrub Plane

    Another wooden plane I picked up for 2 Euros. Just some light cleaning to the body, but the blade needed a fair bit of work. I fixed the lose handle and flattened the sole. It works really great now :)
  13. Color Pencils Wooden Toy Truck

    Color Pencils Wooden Toy Truck A very simple and quick to make toy truck made from 2X2 pine and pallet wood to decorate my grandson's desk. Made a removable platform with holes to hold the pencils, and also the truck wheels. Stelios AKA Steliart
  14. Old wooden Russian hand plane restoration

    I bought this hand plane 7 years ago in order to work while renovating the flat I was living in. I had very little money at the time and paid 2 Euros for it and an old worn down oil stone. I probably had about enough money left to eat that day. I sharpened the blade as best as I could and used...
  15. Homemade Drill Press from a Handheld Drill!

    THIS PROJECT ALSO CONTAINS METAL. If I'm not supposed to post it here (a forum topic/blog?), please let me know, and I'll move it! I've come to the point where can't build more advanced woodworking projects, due to the lack of a drill press, and they're too expensive. After many hours of...
  16. Renovated old wooden German hand plane

    I bought this old wooden plane at a market for 3 Euros, but I had stored it away and never looked at it until today. I gave the body a light cleaning and oiling, flattened the sole and sharpened the blade. It has been knocked about a lot through its life and I decided to leave it as original as...
  17. Plywood Storage Box

    In this video I will be making this wooden box. It's made from plywood and is made mainly with shoulder joints. This is a very quick and easy built. This project is useful if you need storage for any items! Please see the full YouTube Video if you want to see all the steps I did to make it! Hope...
  18. bison #2

    Wooden bison, 125 mm length basswood, danishoil, wax
  19. Rabbet Plane

    Slowly crawling out of my offline cave back to online life… This here is my most recent project that I finished couple of days ago: wooden rabbet plane. Beech, some little brass and steel. Finish is two coats of BLO. 200 mm / 8" long, 40 mm / 1-5/8" wide, cutting angle 55 deg. Will see how...
1-20 of 410 Results