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    Walnut, 13x13x12cm, vase for dry flowers instalations, finish wood oil. Sides mitered and glued/stapled , bottom glued/stapled into groove.
  2. Wooden Vase - Sculpted

    This Oak Wooden Vase is made from several pieces of red oak. After rough cutting the oak the interior surfaces of the vase were stained before the glue up procedure. Two templates were made to trace the profile onto the glued up blank. Then the front and back profile were rough cut on a band...
  3. Post # 1000 : my last wooden vase

    Hello I have just finished my last wooden vase on my lathe You can see the making of in my blog I'm not familiar with the blog series Sorry sorry Here is the part I : And here is the part II and III in the blog series ...
  4. A newspaper, a piece of wood, glue, a lathe and ....

    Hello This afternoon I decide to make a wood vase for my wife. I need a newspaper, a piece of wood (1.20 m), a lathe, some glue, two gouges, some sanding papers. A lot of pleasure and a lot of afraid not to break the wooden vase. Comments welcome Thanks for looking Edit : Add a new picture...

    TULIP VASE by BazzA Windsor England. English white oak & US red Oak stands at 11 inch tall. The basis of this design is credit to Steve Good but I have Beefed it up a bit and manipulated the original pattern to make it a whole lot more chunky and of coarse it gets my Tulip symbol. Looks...
  6. Two new wooden vases

    Hello After having a lot of fun to make my first wooden vase I have decided to make two another I use pine and the finish is 4 coats of laquer and my lathe of course Comments welcome You can se the evolution : the first is on the left and the last on the right Thanks for looking
  7. Knotty Pine Urn/Vase

    I started this project with the intention of creating a decorative outside on the Vase. I showed my wife before I took it off the lathe, and immediately my plans changed. You can't cover that up, it's too pretty. Apparently.!!! So off to plan be. Which is glue up a block of builders pine and...
  8. Z E B R A N O - S A F A R I

    ZEBRANO - SAFARI ::::: Made from African Zebrano Zebra Wood and Golden Iroko by Bazza. Stands at 10 inch high and 4 inch deep. Skimmed the edges on a palm router and sanded down to 0000 grade steel wool and blessed with a dash of Danish oil. Loosely based on Steve Goods methods but pumped up on...
  9. V4 VASE

    V4 VASE in Bubinga Red Oak and Wenge with a Amethyst and Turquoise inlay . Stumpy Chunky Vase by BazzA. *
  10. Woodworking Skill Share
    I've been using a porter cable ROS for several years now and now it's starting to leave me in pain and discomfort. Is there anyone else with Carpel Tunnel and if so, what sander/brand do you use that dosen't leave you in pain and discomfort? Thanks
1-10 of 10 Results