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  1. '32 Ford Sedan Hot Rod Freaky Ford Blue Toy Car

    The second car in the blue series. A 1932 Ford Sedan. I have several sets of these waiting for finishing and and assembly. The idea is to test different finishes and techniques with each set. The car body is made from MDF the rest of the parts are birch. The body paint is Hoe Depot oops paint...
  2. 32 Deuce Coupe - Toy Car - Hot Rod - Little Deuce Coupe

    Number three in the Freaky Fords Blue Series. The more I look at this color combination the more I like it. I'm partial to blue any way. I think it works well with the flat black wheels. I really wanted to have white walls on these but I could not figure out how to do it and make them look good...
  3. Bat Car - Toy Car - Batmobile - Play Pal

    This little car is a lot smaller than the ones I posted previously. Only 3.5 inches long. I've made quite a few of these and this one is by far the best looking one. I made it from some spruce I had from a very old project. I'm not saying how long I've had this wood. It smells like Christmas...
  4. Custom Pens

    I just recently got into woodturning, more specifically, pen turning and I am hooked. I made my first pen back in December as a gift and got a lot of positive response from family and clients. I started making them as gifts but then people wanted to buy them, so I started selling them. These...
  5. Small Pickup Truck Toy

    My daughter has been auparing in the USA for the past year and we are going to visit her in July. This is the gift for the little boy she is looking after. Some more pics As this gift has to be transported as luggage it had to be small enough to not take up too much space in our suitcase...
  6. Wooden Marble Roller Machine

    I saw a picture of marble machine years ago and I finally got around to trying to make my own. I seriously had doubts about getting it working; so I didn't want to invest money in nice wood. Therefore, besides the dowels, everything you see was made from a scrap 2×4. As expected, it was a...
  7. How To Make A Wooden Monster Truck

    In this video I build a gift for my Girlfriends nephew. Instead of making the typical box, or blanket chest. I give this two year old the worlds coolest Wooden Toy Truck![/SIZE][/B] With the holidays right around the corner, i felt this would be a good time to get ahead on some gifts. When...
  8. Wooden Toy Teaching Clock with Epoxy Inlay!

    Hi everyone, Recently I've made few toy teaching clocks for kids to learn the clock! I made the hands of the clock with colored veneer and the numbers I cut out with a router, and filled them in with epoxy. There's no mechanism inside of it, it's just an oldschool toy for kids to learn the clock...
  9. Toy Volkswagen Beetle

    Hello, A while ago I made three Volkswagen Beetles: Have a great evening!
  10. Toy Acrobat (old folk toy)

    Hello everyone, I made some wooden toy acrobats! They are an old folk toy. Really fun to play with for kids AND adults haha. Here's the video about it: Have fun!
  11. Wooden Dump Truck

    This is a fully working dump truck I made for my Nephew several years ago. I like to make toys out of all the scrap wood I have laying around the shop. Much better then sending it up the chimney.
  12. Mercedes-Benz based on AMG GT R

    Hello everyone, Check out my newest creation, the Mercedes-Benz! It was really fun to make! What do you think about it? If you want to see the build video: Have a great week! Jolien
  13. Bell 222 toy helicopter

    This is part of a truck building project. A friend of mine asked me to make two trucks for his sons (I will post the trucks a bit later when I've finished them. This helicopter is the 1st truck's (Chevy Bison) cargo. I drew up the plan in Sketchup and made it a simple build with just the...
  14. Wooden Coaxial Dual Propeller Helicopter Toy

    I decided to develop the helicopter I made for my son to play, and add some engineering and make it with a coaxial propeller. After all, this turned out.
  15. Toy Camera made out of Recycled Broken Skateboards

    Good day everyone, I made some toys for charity! Simple toy camera's out of recycled skateboards! Skateboards are a really cool material to work with, because of all the beautiful colors. If you want to see the video: Have a great day! Jolien
  16. Toy Rocket

    Hi everyone, I made this toy rocket for my miniseries that has just begun: Prepare Yourself For Christmas Season 2 on my YouTube channel. It´s a miniseries about last minute Christmas gifts This was the first toy I made for the miniseries, 6 more to come these days! If you want to see the...
  17. A gift for a little blokes who’s got a birthday this week

    A woodworking friend in the UK added handle bars to a wooden toy quad bike he made so I thought I'd see what I could do; thank you Derek. The pattern is free from an Aussie woodworking friend Tony Slattery. This toy is a gift for a little bloke I see at...
  18. Fighter Planes

    And I still can cut and glue things, its seems. :) Its been a while since i did a project by my own, since i got the laser cutter its been more business oriented than fun things. these planes are a lot of fun for me to do. in fact, that F-16 Fighter was the first wooden toy we made with my Dad...
  19. Finger Hockey Board Game

    Hello everyone, I've made a new fun game to play! It's easy and quick to make and really fun to play. I made a finger hockey board game. If you want to see the video: It's a pretty good game to play while in quarantine :). Have a great day! Jolien
  20. Toy train with wagons

    IF you want to see how I made the locomotive: If you want to see how I made the wagons:
1-20 of 37 Results