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  1. Wooden Rings

    The many Wooden Rings that I've seen here on LJ's inspired me to attempt to make one for my Girlfriend… but first, I had to make one for myself to see how it went… They ended up taking about a minute to mark, five minutes to cut, and about ten minutes to file and sand!! These were made from a...
  2. Bocote Ring with Brass

    I have not posted anything in awhile,I have been in Kentucky with my dad, who has a brain tumor and has had to go thru alot of treatment and things to try and shrink it. God has been with him and my family to help us thru it. In my time while helping taking care of him, I found a little free...
  3. Some finished wooden bottle stoppers

    I bought a lathe a month ago (thanks for the advice fellow jocks!) And i've been busy turning and playing and having fun. Here's some bottle stoppers I made recently. the first one has a checkered pattern the next three are made of redheart wood the last one is a laminated wood blank from...
  4. Wood ring. Size: 9,5 US

    Material: Stabilized maple burl Size: 19,5 mm or 9,5 US Width: ~11,5mm
  5. Ring. Maple wood + G10

    Maple wood ring with gray G10 (knife handle material) Width: ~9 mm Finish - mix of linseed oil with bees and carnauba wax
  6. wooden rings

    My first wooden rings. The first two rings are made from oak that I first used 2 coats cyanoacrylate glue on and then a couple of coats of wipe on poly. I used solid pieces of wood, not laminated or layered wood, but the super glue really helps alot to strengthen them and water proof them. I...
  7. Bending Bamboo & Rosewood with Silver Core

    This bentwood ring was created for a client who wanted to match two woods on an existing wooden watch for her husband…I'm lucky if my socks match… :)
  8. Bentwood Rosewood Ring Jewelry

    Bending wood is hard…until it's soft. ;) Not sure how many girls are on this forum but no matter. I have enjoyed looking at many awesome projects here and thought to throw some of mine into the mix. This is my first bentwood ring I ever sold and it was a huge hurdle for me as it took lots...

    Just sample of 20 more to make,... wooden rings made of ayous. Diameter 18cm, 25×25mm cross profile, no finish. It was ordered by ceramic hobby worker to serve as structural part of ceramic pots projects. Jig and ring I made on bandsaw (bandsaw circle making jig), with jigsaw, two types of...

    Ayous, profile 25×25mm, rounded all four edges, 13cm outer diameter, no finish. Tools used : jigsaw, drill, router table, disc sander, oscillating spindle sander, bandsaw circle making jig. Purpose : addition to ceramic bowl project.
  11. A few wooden rings

    Just a few rings I`ve been working on, my pics are not the greatest I`ll have more later these are of the lamination style. I`m gonna try some of the bentwood style soon, Thanks Frank for all the input and I will be trying it soon.. I also will be loading a few more products. Here's a Link to...
  12. Beach Anyone? Hawaiian "Olivine" Green Beach Sand Inlay

    In honor of Spring's much anticipated arrival (and the beach bum in me).... Green sand inlaid in rosewood from the Hawaiian Papakolea Beach, aka "Green Sand Beach". One of only four beaches in the entire world with green sand. Olivine is a silicate mineral consisting of magnesium and iron and...
  13. Bentwood Rings

    I started making bentwood rings about 3 years ago… and since then, I've been learning how to improve the technique and the quality of my rings.I'd like to think that I have finally got them to where I want them to be. So, I opened a small etsy shop! here's the first few quality rings I'm proud...
  14. Bentwood Ring - Rosewood with Guitar String Inlay

    Bentwood Ring - Rosewood with Guitar String Inlay These are tricky. Guitar string is stubborn and bending them to stay in place is tough. Those suckers like to stay straight but inlaying guitar string have taught me patience. :) I am always looking for new and unique ideas to inlay but was...
  15. Wood ring

    Wood ring Size: 17,8 mm or 7,5 US Material - Indonesian teak wood
  16. Wood rings with stone inlay

    Worked on those rings for few years already and sold quite a few online. I thought as a first post I can share some of the pictures. Robert
  17. Russian Charoite Inlay on Macassar Ebony

    I finally got around to using some Russian charoite for a wedding set. Probably a bit too feminine for the majority here on LJ's huh? :)
  18. Keeping Busy - Bent Wood Rings

    rather than post every ring I make here I thought I'd post a general project card to show just a few of the designs and varieties I'm experimenting with. Unfortunately not all of these will make the cut for the more elegant look I want at Etsy but I give them to friends and people I meet when...
  19. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hello everyone, this is my first post! I've used this site quite a lot the past couple of years but have never made an account until right now. If my post Is In the wrong place I apologize. Okay so, the past year I've been making, designing and up until recently selling my Bentwood rings on...
1-20 of 25 Results