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  1. V4 VASE

    V4 VASE in Bubinga Red Oak and Wenge with a Amethyst and Turquoise inlay . Stumpy Chunky Vase by BazzA. *
  2. Cheese Board in Tunisian Wild Olive

    Cheese Board in Tunisian Wild Olive by BazzA. one inch thick and 15 inch across smells wonderful and is really heavy . Wild Tunisian Olive with Beautiful grain .
  3. Spooning

    Spooning by Bazza. Made from Tunisian Olive and London Plain. Bodge made a Curved Chisel that worked a treat. First attempt with no reason just messing around. To be honest I really enjoyed giving it a shot and quite happy with the result. I can see I will be making more of these cheeky little...
  4. New End Grain Cutting Board

    Made from Russian Oak, African Sapele, White Ash, Russian Cherry, European Maple Dimensions 370 х 305 х 35 mm Weight 2,7 kg Somov
1-4 of 4 Results