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  1. Projects Santa from Start to Finish

    This Santa began with a sketch on a block of wood. The wood was 3 x 6 x 12 inch basswood. I next cut it out with a bandsaw. Then I started the time-consuming removal of waste wood. I didn't take photos of the santa clamped to my workbench so I could use by gouges on it. Because of...
  2. Woodcarving: Very low relief 1/8 deep carving and Antique Doors.

    In September of 2012 I was commissioned to carve on antique mahogany doors from big old house in Pennsylvania. House about 10000 sq. f. Age of those doors 100 years. from 1911. Doors were not solid mahogany they had only 1/8" panels on top of pine raised panel. So my WOODCARVING has to by only...
  3. Shelf Elf

    I have a carving buddy that I like to get together with for coffee. He always asks what am I carving and since I plan on dropping by this week I thought I better carve something so I did this little Shelf Elf. I've also posted another photo of a Shelf Elf that I carved a while ago. This guy is...
  4. Chip Carved Cross

    Chip Carved Cross 9" x 14" with 2-1/2" cross members, basswood, chip carved original pattern Sealer and lacquer finish Thanks for looking! 1 Peter 2:24 "He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness"
  5. DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING - And shop progress picture

    This is the first tree and bear carving that I have done since the second shop fire. I've got everything I need to make sawdust. The new shop is coming along. Waiting on the electrician and the siding. Then drywall, paint and set the shop up! I've included an update on the shop progress. I call...
  6. Thread Holder

    This is my latest project,these were a special order.all i had to go by was an old photo.they are made from Black Walnut, the one sitting is 5 1/2 inches tall the other is 7 inches.[I was in a hurry or the sitting one would have been photoed agianst a blue background]
  7. Basswood box, swirl rosette

    This chip carved swirl rosette is on a basswood, 5×5 box. I need to apply a finish on it soon. Thanks for looking!
  8. Natural Edge Large Cedar Vase

    Nature's beautiful vase was always in this tree, I just made it visible. Turned, sanded, and sealed with tung oil. It may not be your cup of tee, but the customer loves it.
  9. Wood on wheels...Riding the dragon.

    Some years ago we started producing skateboards, and they have become quite popular amongst longboard skaters. They are all handmade in silver Birch, and With Our own patterns. The kids and the grown ups love it :) I have been working on these 2 bords for some days and just finished the Paint...
  10. First Santa Carving

    I started to learn carving a few weeks ago and have lots to learn. Today I found a you tube video on carving a simple santa and I gave it a try. I need a few lessons in painting as well. Oh well, practice, practice, practice. Thanks.
  11. Carved family crest, 36 x 24

    This is a completed commissioned carving. I was provided with the drawing and enlarged it to 36×24 (Rapid Resizer, very slick tool). Carved in basswood with a walnut frame that floats allowing the center panel to expand and contract with the seasons. Thanks for looking. Your comments and...
  12. Wall Clock - chip carved

    10" x 10" Wall Clock Basswood, chip carved, nutmeg gel stain, textured background, sealer and lacquer finish I used to carve a lot of clocks but got away from them for quite a few years. I don't know why but I pleased to carve this clock. The textured background added some variety to the...
  13. 6" Candle Plate, Chip Carved

    6" Candle Plate, Chip Carved 6" basswood scoop plate with original chip carved design. Sealer and lacquer Quick and Easy Finish. This is fast and fun project that can be carved and finished in an afternoon. The results are striking. You'll be pleased to have this on your table. Thanks for looking!
  14. The beginnings of my woodworkings..

    These are some pictures of 3 different projects that i did on my free time, not really knowing if i could do it or not, you know, the way a pro would.. So i started with drawings, i could at least do that. I blended curves and added leaves as i went. Most people wouldn't believe me if i told...
  15. Desk Clock - Chip Carved

    Desk Clock- Chip Carved This basswood desk clock was carved with one knife. The background was stippled with a punch and the stab knife was used to add detail. It was fun to carve! Thanks for looking.
  16. Beads of Courage Box

    Beads of Courage Box A customer contacted me looking for a pattern for Beads of Courage. I was not familiar with this program. Their carving club makes boxes and decorates them before donating them to children in the hospital. They keep their beads in the box. After seeing the work this...
  17. The Box Plot ... a custom jewelry box created for a clandescent proposal.

    The Box Plot … one of these days I need to lay this article out in publisher and generate a formal PDF version. For now - here's the text and some images are posted above! The Box Plot Article by Eric M. Saperstein - June 2006 There is a goal shared by artists spanning all mediums and...
  18. Tipplers

    47х50cm. basswood, hand made.carving by my husband
  19. Enslow inspired wood carving

    I completed this woodcarving several years ago. Haven't painted it yet…. not sure I ever will.
  20. Nativity Set

    This is made from basswood,there 14 pieces tallest piece is app 6 1/2 inches tall.
1-20 of 266 Results