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  1. Harry Potter Elderwand

    New to the wood lathe I have been trying a few different things recently. First time turning a spindle this small and a little trickier than I thought. After breaking the first one, I found a helpful video showing how to use my hand to support the back when turning (isn't youtube great!). Now I...
  2. Inlaid Cherry Wine Bottle Balancer

    I was going back through my pictures and realized I hadn't posted this wine bottle balancer that I made to give to my grandfather for his 80th birthday. The main piece is of cherry, with maple and walnut pocket hole plugs inlaid into the front of the bottle balancer. I also burned the message...
  3. fly fishing desk

    Avid fly fisherman, of course I tie my own flies and OF COURSE I needed a proper work station:) deer antler drawer pulls, wood burned the life-cycle of a mayfly into the top tying station, all drawers have wood knob pulls with a different type of fly, or insect burned into it. all drawer are...
  4. Cougar Chest

    The Cougar Chest I was looking around the shop one day looking to make something small to take to art shows. I had wanted to make something that looked like a miniature dresser and red seemed like a bright colour to catch your eye. I scrounged around and found some material, a mish mash of...
  5. Blue box

    Just a simple pine glue up and used a bandsaw to cut out. This was my first attempt at the Shou sugi ban coloring technique. Burned the wood with a torch. Then spray painted and quickly wiped off. I then sanded the spots I wanted grain to show.
  6. Walnut and Hard Maple Tealight Candle Holder

    I made this tealight candle holder a few weeks ago out of walnut and hard maple, but it sat unfinished down in the basement. A couple of days ago, my wife was getting ready to send a 10th wedding anniversary card to some friends of ours out in Michigan. I said if she could wait an extra day, I...
  7. Wood Burned wedding Table Name

    I made this for a colleague for his wedding,I have to make twelve named after different trees to put on the tables for a wedding.He supplied me with the wood to make them.It is birch.Its got a really nice grain. I am very happy with how it turned out. My youtube video is below.Please watch and...
  8. jakey's dogs

    these are two pets of a friend of mine. susie has passed on and brindle was her buddie most of her life. enjoy.
  9. Old Stone Mill

    This is burned on pine. board is 3/4" select grade. piece is 10×20". Pic is original exept barn is from a sketch posted on by gman (greg), so I have to give him credit for that, it was a good drawing.
  10. Wood burned Portrait

    This was a commissioned piece, referenced from a photo. 8×10 plaque from 3/4" select grade pine. I use a detail master adjustable temp burner. This was all done with a medium rounded skew.
  11. Candle Holder for Mother's Day

    I made this candle holder for my mom for Mother's Day. We had a family brunch yesterday and I presented it to her then, but explained I wasn't happy with the finish and that I'd work on it a bit more. Well, it's done now, so I'm going to deliver it today. It is made from walnut and hard maple...
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'm in the finishing stage of building a sitting bench for a family member. The bench itself is comprised of quarter sawn white oak- 7 boards in total to acquire the thickness. Here is a link to a post I submitted about the glue up including pics at that stage-...
  13. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I just noticed LJ's has reached an amazing total of 7,000 blogs. Excellent result.
1-13 of 13 Results