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  1. Projects Custom pistol case

    Custom pistol case for pocket pistol, used Ambrosia and Ebony.
  2. Projects My Recovery Chair

    This a protype for a set of dining chairs that I am working on. The back is too low, so the next prototype version I will increase the angle on the back leg assembly. The original intention was for them to go out back but SWMBO wants dining chairs so the next version will have a soft seat and a...
  3. Mesquite Vase

    Mesquite wood vase from the family ranch with malachite inlay thanks to the geology professor at the local junior college. used a Robert Sorby Hollowmaster on the inside. Didn't take as much as i could from the inside so its a little heavy but still loved the hollow master.
  4. Airsoft GoPro mount

    Not long ago I bought an airsoft shotgun, to play a few battles with friends and shot them down, but I didnt had a way to film the actual batle, like and first person shoter game. So I searched for some sort of mount to secure my gopro to the weapon.. Unfortunately I only found mount to smg and...
  5. How to make an Up-Cycled Pallet wood Sliding Barn Door

    My kids are avid gamers, and since we moved in to our house they have had their gaming rigs setup in a finished portion of our basement. The problem was that the basement had be modestly finished with simulated wood (read ugly) paneling and the bi-fold door that separated the space from the...
  6. Fancy Wood Cane #027: Quilted Maple & Claro Black Walnut

    This is one of my favorites. I found some really nice quilted maple and decided it needed to be a 3 Dimensional piece to show off the illumination. This was one time the wood really spoke out to me and insisted that it had more potential than as a flat surfaced object. One can spend hours...
  7. wooden Squirt hand paddles

    I made these about 5 years ago before I really go into the finer sides of woodworking but paddle making came up on one of the lists so I'm adding them for those who might want to make a set. They were made from 1/4 thick ash planed down to 1/6 after joined. I then added Dynel fabric which has a...
  8. Hand made semi hollow longboard skateboard

    I make these semi hollow boards, they are hand shaped and built completely from scratch. The boards are designed to feel more like a surfboard than the bendy cruisers that are out there. The designs are all original and double as art and grip, whether barefoot or wearing shoes. hope you like!
  9. Keyrings made from scrap

    I try to utilise as much material as I can and these keyrings made from scraps of Oak are the simplest and fastest items I've ever made :) I needed to test the home-made sanding belts for my 6" x 48" Linisher and ended up with these great little gifts. finished with Organic Boiled Linseed Oil...
  10. You Name It - This Week's Woodstuffs

    These are a few of the items made and shipped this week. I use a 1974 Craftsman bandsaw with an eighth inch blade. Sand to 320 grit. They measure 5/8×5/8×2-4 inches, and are finished with three coats of lacquer. The woods pictured are Figured Cuban Mahogany, Cherry, Narra (amboyna), Paduak...
  11. Gilding on a wooden carved frame

    A year ago one of our clients sponsored our business Antique Refinishers in San Diego to sent me to learn gilding. Coming back form Portland, Oregon where I learn with Nancy Thorn I started on a restoration on a frame from our client. The mirror had been "restored" with gold paint over the...
  12. Door Desk

    For a remodel of my son's room I took an old solid wood 6 panel door and converted it into a desk. A few cuts were done to shorten the length and then to make the leg. The extra material from the cut offs was used to make support brackets. For the top I made a wood pencil box/organizer and...
  13. Wedding Arch

    This was a new wood wedding arch/garden arch that was made to look old and rustic. It was built to be assembled like a puzzle so that we could move it in and out of the wedding venue. A few light weight lengths of fabric and some battery powered lights helped to bring it to life.
  14. Builidng an IOWA Class Battleship

    A weekend project from the most recent issue of Wood Magazine - this Iowa Class Battleship. I added a layer of walnut to the hull to show off the waterline and also added a flag. As a retired Navy Chief, this is a great project. This ship measures 3 feet long by 7 inches wide and weighs just...
  15. Cherry and Maple Saddle Bar Stools

    Build Video to this project Saddle Bar Stool Build This project started as a means to use some wood that had been laying around my shop for a couple years. The seat tops themselves are from a tree that fell when I was in college. While a friend of mine had cut up some of it and milled it, I had...
  16. Find a Home for an Intarsia Carousel Horse Wall Hanging

    I really had some fun making this piece and it was a real challenge. I saw a picture on the internet and made a pattern based on that with Inkskape. It ended up having 190 different pieces with 13 different kinds of woods. The pole was a real challenge to make out of a block of yellow heart...
  17. Wedding Automaton

    This is a present for a recently married couple based on some of their wedding photos. They were married in a Scottish Castle with pipers and kilts, daffodils and snow.
  18. Business card holder

    Red heart and East Indian rose wood pocket business card holder
  19. Oak coffee table

    Another salvage wood project. I found an oak counter top someone was throwing out and built this table from it. Accent material is some left over mahogany.
  20. Penrose Trivet (Adjustable)

    My version of the penrose (adjustable) trivet made from hard maple. Very easy to make, 12 identical pieces at 5" long with 30 degree angles cut on each end. Beveled edges and a mineral oil finish, this is going as a "thank you" to a social media follower. Feel free to follow...
1-20 of 500 Results