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  1. Projects Marble Padauk Bowl

    This 5x3” bowl is African Marble Padauk. This is not common coloring for this wood. Wood is also extremely oily. It took almost 50 coats. Had to remove finish 7 times due to finish not sticking to wood.
  2. Projects Central American Cocobolo ” Honey Pot.”

    This is one of my wife’s favorite bowls. It’s a 6”x4.5” Cocobolo ” Honey Pot.” Wood come from Central America and the pictures are not as good as seeing this one in person. Bowl is gorgeous!
  3. Projects Burl Bottle Opener

    Niles Style Burl Handle Bottle Opener This is a Niles style bottle opener, made from stainless steel, paired with an unknown species of burl, finished with CA glue and Renaissance wax. A family friend gave me a branch with a bunch of small burls on it, which they found in the fire pit of a...
  4. A First Time for Everything! Tablesaw Jig! turns both inside and out of wood bowl!

    I don't think I've had this much fun with a Jig in a long time.. Check out the attached video to watch this really cool little jig in action! Using the jig i am able to use my table saw to create the traditional parabolic curved shape on the outside of a wood bowl. Fun project with great results!!!
  5. Brass and walnut turned apple

    Stacked and epoxied walnut and brass, then turned it. After turning it, I made the stem and leaf out of thin brass. Present for my son's teacher.
  6. Spring Pole Lathe

    See more on my WordPress blog
  7. Square bowl Upside-down with compartment

    I saw this project somewhere, can't quite remember, but I wanted to make it. So I took a mental picture and to the shop I went. My first attempt but I thought I would give it a try. I had a square piece of yellow cedar (not sure about the measurements just grabbed it from the junk pile and...
  8. Several Turned Wooden Bowls

    Just a few of the latest bowls I've turned. the first one is Rosewood and the rest are all Camphor.
  9. Natural edge Bowl

    Oh how easy it is to get distracted from what we set out to do. I really need to clean-up the shop and garage and prepare for an event that my wife and I are hosting on Nov. 23. It's a big deal for my wife and inevitably people wander around and check out Ken's workshop. I just wouldn't do to...
  10. Walnut Pedestal Bowl

    A very nice walnut pedestal bowl made from two pieces of walnut salvaged in the mid 90s from a farm in North Carolina. The original walnut log was transported to me in the trunk of an old Cadillac.
  11. Bottle stop

    I used the natural end of a York Gum Burl turning blank and cast with Alumilite WaterClear. Added a bit of gold flake to the Alumilite. Finished wood portion with Mylands friction polish. The gold flakes look pretty cool through the light.
  12. Ship's Wheel Clock

    Here's a project for people that like to do spindle turning and segmented turning. I'd say, though, that there's more woodworking than woodturning in this project. The photo shows the prototype that I recently finished which is 15-1/2" diameter. The The clock in this version is a 5-1/2" brass...
  13. Cyrpress Wood Bowl with taper cut

    This bowl sold the minute I got a finish on it. The Cypress tree had died standing and remained that way for a year. Talk about cracking! If you read my profile you'll understand that I don't adhere to conventional drying times but I must observe and seal cracks over a period of several weeks...
  14. First Duck Calls

    These are my first calls I turned on a Shopsmith last year.
  15. Spiral Dream

    May I present "Spiral Dream" my entry for the Baleigh tools contest here on LJ. Please visit the cntest for all the details. I added one last picture. I studied up on taking better photos, let me know if I did ok. Thanks.
  16. Turned items

    Well ,I have been having a great time turning anything I can find to use. These are basswood, black walnut, oak, butternut, weed pots. Also my FIRST BOWL sitting in the middle. And a top view of how the inside rims looks. Dick told me to use brown paper between the woods so it was really great...
  17. Wall Clock - chip carved

    10" x 10" Wall Clock Basswood, chip carved, nutmeg gel stain, textured background, sealer and lacquer finish I used to carve a lot of clocks but got away from them for quite a few years. I don't know why but I pleased to carve this clock. The textured background added some variety to the...
  18. Pen Press

    I made a pen press using a Horizontal toggle clamp and some scrap material I had laying around the shop. The pen press works great and is a lot easier to use than a pistol grip clamp. Here is a link to the full build video :
  19. Amazon Dot With Wings! Well....little walnut wings

    Like most of us, I look for any reason to use wood. I thought the living room Amazon Dot would look better in some Walnut! A little winged bowl with a hole for connections in the back. Turned, sanded to 600p, then finished with mineral oil. The next design will be made to look like a flower and...
  20. Lid for Old Glass Jar - Brazilian Cherry & Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    This is a lid that I turned for an old glass jar. The lid was first laminated out of Brazilian Cherry and Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Then it was turned, and the metal lid was glued inside (the wood top is basically just a cover for the tin lid). Very quick & easy project, that turned out pretty neat!
1-20 of 304 Results