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  1. Projects Granadillo Platter

    This is a 10x1” plate made from Central American Granadilla wood. The plate has 3 areas that look like someone fix a bad area in the wood with a patch, similar to how plywood has those patches that look like “eyes” on the bad side of plywood sheet.
  2. Chisel Handles

    I turned these Chisel Handles to create a uniform look and to replace my old plastic and broken wood handled Chisels. Most of these belonged to my Dad. I cleaned up the steel, sharpened and I use them almost daily. The handles are made from Ash from the wood burning pile :)
  3. Wenge Wood Man Dish! (or woman)

    African Wenge Wood Man Dish (or woman) The man dish measures 5.5×1.4 Inches. I wanted something not to big, manly with a shine, and have enough thickness and weight that if needed, I could also use it for home defense! Turned with my home made carbide tipped tools, sanded and finished with...
  4. Cherry Bowl

    Here is a cherry bowl I turned for my sister. The wood came from a cherry tree that had fallen in her yard during a storm.
  5. Woodturned baby rattles

    Here are some baby rattles I turned on the lathe, they are made from butternut, walnut, and cedar.
    Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
  6. New pieces I have been working on

    This is some new designs I have been working on.
  7. Good Lord that's alot of Mushrooms!

    These are several batches of mushrooms that I made and sold on, all to one very nice customer. There are more but I can't fit anymore pictures. I have a feeling they are one of a kind as I could not find anything even remotely similar. They are all turned on my wood lathes from...
  8. Woodturned Clock

    Borrowed a design by Nayo who did a superb job on his clock. Made this one from Guatamalan rosewood as the clock face but didn't care for the color so I stained it walnut. Use brass rods and assorted paduak,cocobolo and yellow heart scraps as numbers..Spray lacquered it 3 times and it's...
  9. Walnut bowl

    One of my first bowls off my lathe.
  10. Wood & Lumber
    My name is George and I am wondering if there is a market in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina to dry lumber for local woodworkers? I have a solar dry kiln that holds 4,000 board feet of lumber that was constructed about 17 years ago. The kiln has not been used for many years and it's in...
1-10 of 10 Results