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  1. Wooden Toy Play Pal Monster Truck, Laminated Oak & Poplar Body, Clear Shellac Finish

    This may be the last of these in the Play Pal Monster truck series. This one is my favorite. I really like the way the clear shellac looks on the Oak and I think the metallic purple hubs work great with it. This little truck is quite heavy for its size and rolls great on just about any surface...
  2. Laminated Oak and Poplar Play Pal Monster Truck

    Made from reclaimed oak and poplar this is another in my series of Play Pal Monster trucks. I cut this on a scrollsaw. After destroying several bodies attempting to cut the windows and get them ti look right I gave up and started drilling them. The finish is amber shellac except for the hubs...
  3. Play Pal Wooden Toy Monster Truck

    Another in my Play Pal monster truck series. This one is very similar to one in a previous project. The body is made from reclaimed oak and poplar. The wheels and axles are birch. The finish is hand brushed amber shellac. Wheels: 1.5 inches Body Length: 3.5 inches Body Height: 1.6 inches...
  4. Wooden Toy Truck - Play Pal - Monster Truck

    The second Play Pal Monster Truck I have posted here. I made this one from pine. I'm experimenting with materials and these are only 3.5 inches long. I just about always have shot pieces of 2×4 laying around. I think the mystery lumber they sell these isn't really a good choice most of the time...
  5. Construction Crane

    Latest completed project. From Toys and Joys Construction Crane plan. Made from white oak and walnut. I recommend this build for anyone wanting to try their hand in making toys. As always comments good or bad are welcome.
  6. Mack Truck LR

    Well I got er done, well as far as I'm taking it any way. Just wanted to try a bunch a different stuff and see what happens. This is a scratch built truck with no bought plans, just 4 or 5 pictures to go by for the LR Mack truck. I think I pretty well covered every thing I had on my bucket list...
  7. Monster Truck Wooden Toy Truck, Play Pal, Pickup

    Not the best Play Pal Monster Truck I have made but it's still a great toy. The body is hand brushed shellac. I painted the wheels on this one to use up some miss matched wheels I had. The wheels ar painted with acrylic craft paint and top coated with shellac. The shellac make the wheels a bit...
  8. Monster Truck Wooden Toy Truck - Play Pal - Pickup

    This one had a pine body cut from a piece of 2×4 I had in the garage. It;s actually more brown than it looks in the photo. I retook the photos several times and no matter what I did it just didn't look right. There are many variations you could make form this design, Different wheels, finishes...
  9. Wooden Toy Monster Pickup Truck Play Pal Purple

    If you really want to see the imperfections in your work get into photography and photograph you projects. You'll se things you didn't know were there. The camera sees all. Cut froma pine 2×4 and finished with brushed on shellac. The hubs are metallic acrylic craft paint. These little trucks...
  10. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Saw this dresser and liked it. Thought about my ole buds on lumberjocks, figured I'd start another fun thread.
  11. Blogs
    Another toy BullDozer Been playing with another wood toy project. Bought and down loaded the plans for the Bull Dozer from Wood Store Net. I was looking at the High Gear Dozer from Toys and Joys but you have to order the plans which is fine but I wanted to get started now not two weeks from...
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  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    My wife found this in someone's trash and we are wondering what it is/was used for?
1-12 of 12 Results