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  1. My first wooden Mallet

    Mallet made out of scrap wood pieces. I followed instructions from Jay on Jays custom creations. The mallet is only 4 in x 2 in. It was more of a practice piece for me until I can make a more perfect one. I do like the character of the wood contrast in this one though.
  2. Personal shop projects

    Made from some walnut and hickory I had laying around my shop. Inspired by John Wilson's book Making Wood Tools. Fun projects.
  3. Dozen Children's wood toolboxes with tool sets for Christmas 2016

    I made a batch of these in the 1980's for my kids, and my brother and sister's kids. The reports I got back was the kids played with them so much, they wore them out :) Now there is a new batch of kids, so I cranked another batch of 12 toolboxes and tools. The old-fashioned hand-cranked...
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    I have too many planes so their jus sitting i want someone to use em, if u want u can add em to your collection. They need some sole work and blades if i can find extra blades ill send em along. If u live in tha boston area u can pick em up, sorry no international shipping.Here are some pics and...
  5. Designing Woodworking Projects
    While skill is certainly not easily acquired as knowledge, learning new tricks can definitely better your technique and make your craftsmanship stand out among the rest. It is your responsibility to develop your talent and hone your craft to perfection. There is no other way to do so but by...
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    An Introduction of Wood Happenings An Introduction of Wood Happenings So it's that time again….and if you've spent any amount of time around here at LJ; last spring, summer and fall then you must know by now, some-what as to my occasional excursions into the forests and woods of New England...
    000 words of wood 100 pure tung oil 2 lb cut of shellac 50 a story of lakh all good wood projects need all i see is no-junk an introduction of wood happenings apple wood art art born out of chaos article awakened in your gobi barn tales barns barns of new england beavers beavers and the environment benches bents birch birch burl black knots black walnut blog stories blogging bob dylan branch joinery broadax brushes burl burl on a spit burls business cabin cabin in the woods canted purlin posts chain saw mill chain sawing chainsaw chainsaw mill chainsaw milling chainsaw milling of wood chainsaw mills chainsawing chainsawing free form chainsaws cherry wood china wood oil chisel chisels coalescing with wood colors of fall colors of fall in nh colors of shellac colors of shellac from a kayak controversy and knots counter top counter tops de-waxed shellc doldrums complaisance and working the wood dreaming dreams drupaceous drupe drupes and drupaceous nuts as tung oil echo-friendly ways to work the wood encased knots english barn english sitting bench explanation of experience and art fall colors finishing finishing of wood finishing with shellac finishing wood firewod forest forests frederick franck fredericks francks ten commandments free form sculpture free form wood art free form wood bench free form wood sculpture free form woodworking free style wood sculpture art freehand chainsaw milling froe furniture gargantuan green ninja turtle garnet shellac garnet shellac flakes gb bar gb lumber mill german garnet dewaxed shellac flakes glamdring glamdring and chainsaw milling of pine glamdring and hard-rock sugar maple go ask the lac-bug about finishing wood gouge gouges haiku hand cutting wood joinery hand hewn beams hand planes hand tools hand working wood hemlock pine hiking hobbit holes hobbit holes in myworld hobbit holes in myworld --by rusticwoodart hobbits hobbits and hobbit holes holes and their purpose of un-veiling the box holeswoodworkingand wood gathering mode hopes tung oil husqvarna 395xp images imagination imagination in wood in search of imaginations greatest dream incense holders inspiration intergrown knots j r r tolkien japanese altar japanese planes japanese pull plane japanese tea table joinery junk art jubilee kayaking knots knots in wood kurokongouseki lac bug lac tree left overs lets test art-full shellac lilac live freework wood living within the shadow of crazy fire looking at jonke loose knots mallet mallets malus pumila maple maple slabs my jeweled black diamond my soul of maple my woodworking ten commandments myth busting shellac national novel writing month nature new england new england landscape new england woods novel oak oak bark oak leaves oak slab occulation of the wood old wood on the lighterside of wood orange shellac out in the woods painted expressions in wood and canvas paintings phantom of my woodworking heart photos pine pine slabs plane planning safe plate poetry post and beam post and beam construction prepping wood and shellac for rain purlins quercus alba rafter random orbital sanders ray planes reclaimed wood red knots red pine reflections on beavers and trees ridge beam rive rived quercus alba rived wood riving riving wood rock maple rustic rustic furniture rustic ritual landscape rusticwoodart rusticwoodmangmailcom rustis safety salvaged barns salvaged wood sanding sandpaper sculpture sculptured wood beauty sculptured wood burl shaker pine bench shellac shellac flakes shellac waxed shellac shiplap pine sink sitting with some old friends slab table top slabbin at more wood slabbin at wood slabbing wood slabs slabs of wood sounds of silence spalted maple stone fruit struts sugar maple summer awards and table top table tops tales of a wood-workers tools tea table tell tale footprints testing shellac the beauty of a soul in wood the revelation of wood the soul of the wood things have changed things have changed in these woods thrones tight knots timber frame timber frame construction timber framing timber framing slick tinting shellac tongue oil tongur and groove red pine tools treasures of snow tree colors tree friend tree nails trees trim saws tung oil twinings of woodart two maplesone pine and unorthodox woodworking tools untrammeled possibilities and unexpended opportunities varnish veteran of the woods walk abouts walking walnut walnut wood warriors of the wood waundering waundering walkabouts weathered barn boards weathered wood what is nanowrimo what lights up an english barn what size is your wood art whats a woodworking economy to do or be where dreams are made which came first white oak wood wood altar wood art wood art picture of beauty wood art wood wood burl wood burls wood dreams wood dyes wood finishes wood finishing wood from an-others wood bin wood gathering mode wood holes wood joinery wood maple slabs wood mentation of today wood nut oil wood poems wood screams in the dark wood sculpture wood slab table tops wood slab wall art wood slabs wood studies and wood tales and stories wood tools wood walks wood wax woodart woods woods darkside woods forest woodshop tales beyond woodworking woodworking hand tools woodworking vision wood’s darkside woolgathering i go words working the wood writing zebra effects on birch burl zebra effects on wood
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    Ohh I've been at it again. shhhhh [antiques] Went shopping again today and have found many things. I found 2 fore planes, molding planes, grooving planes, rabbit plane and a folding ruler. My tool restoration skills are fixing to be sharpened hey Dennis I need to borrow your gutter Hey Mike...
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    Dealing with snipe. How to turn rough-sawn lumber into straight, square stock with basic woodworking Dealing with snipe. How to turn rough-sawn lumber into straight, square stock with basic woodworking "Video"
1-8 of 8 Results