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  1. Veneer Laminated Wood Ring

    I have been trying more laminate style rings. This one is for my Grandfather, made of 19 layers of veneer. The center is a piece of Sycamore with Walnut on both sides. Then 7 layers of Bubinga and finally the outer most is Sycamore again. I start by cutting squares of veneer and layout the...
  2. Bentwood Ring - Rosewood with Guitar String Inlay

    Bentwood Ring - Rosewood with Guitar String Inlay These are tricky. Guitar string is stubborn and bending them to stay in place is tough. Those suckers like to stay straight but inlaying guitar string have taught me patience. :) I am always looking for new and unique ideas to inlay but was...
  3. Natural Cut Wood Rings

    I'm still relatively new to the whole ring making process (been at it for half a year or so). Here's a couple rings I made recently. I only use reclaimed wood. The first ring pictured is cherry, and maple. The second is poplar, and hard rock maple. I've tried tons of finishing tactics, and I...
  4. Wood ring

    Wood ring Size: 17,8 mm or 7,5 US Material - Indonesian teak wood
  5. Wood ring

    Wood ring. Material - Tigerwood Size 9 US Impregnated with linseed oil and waxed with combination of carnauba and beeswax.
  6. Wood ring and fixed antler ring

    Finished another ring out of fumed eucalyptus. Also inlayed a brass inlay into a antler ring i've made that for some reason the obsidian inlay would not stop chipping out, don't know what I did wrong but this brass should be chip proof ;)
  7. Cherry Box + Walnut/Maple Ring

    A while back I made my first wooden ring. A friend lost his wedding ring and commisioned me for a replacement. The ring is Walnut with Maple. It was rough sized on the lathe with tools and then final shaped with sandpaper to roll the edges and curve the interior for a comfort fit. Finally it...
  8. Wearable bentwood ring - Oak

    This wooden ring began with a thin strips of oak that was steamed and bent into a circle, so that the grain runs around the circumference of the ring. The piece was glued with a waterproof poly adhesive, and the stip ends were fine sanded, to conceal the seam as much as possible. The result...
  9. Few more rings

    Finished a few more steel core metal rings, first was a ammonia fumes eucalyptus, she wanted a dark wood and I didn't have ebony so figured I would try this, had a nice dark color to it, second 2 are koa for my brother inlaw, his wife wanted matching rings before his deployment, she wanted to...
  10. Bentwood Ring - Walnut with Copper Lining and Inlay!

    I've been making and selling Bentwood rings for just a little over a year now on Etsy and I'm getting to the point where I'm able to make a stable living off of it! I thought I'd share some of my pieces with fellow craftsmen!
  11. Burled Burly Burl

    Hi LJ's! I have not posted projects for many moons so thought to post some recent wood burl rings. Buckeye, Afzelia, Amboyna and California Buckeye I love the dramatic randomness of burl…so says I, the randomly dramatic girl. :) Shannon
  12. Newest Bentwood Ring Batch, This time with Silver!

    Hi guys, thought I'd share my latest creations! I have so many more veneers I can add to these rings (I counted 74 different species of Veneers I have In my stockpile… It's one way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon!). I've been practising my silversmithing skills as of late and feel pretty...
  13. Bentwood Rings, with Silver Linings and Inlays!

    I've been posting an awful lot of my new designs the past few days here… So have some more! More of my work can be found on my store below
  14. Bentwood Ring - Gallery

    I've been making bentwood rings for the last year or so, been able to do It as a full-time job! I thought I'd share some of my latest pieces :)
  15. Woodturning
    with so many options out there I figure it best to get opinions from experienced folk. I want a good tool rest for doing bowl so I can do a good continuous cut on bowls. I do mostly bowls around 9-15" range and usually not much more than 6" deep. I am considering a robust rest but only want to...
  16. Joinery
    So far I have made 3 bentwood rings out of veneer wood. I can tell I am getting better but there are still two main problems that keep happening. Problem 1: Gaps keep appearing once I am done gluing. Problem 2. I don't know how to get a perfect looking ring when I sand. I feel like know matter...
  17. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi all - first off, thanks to the whole community. Trolling on here, i've learned a lot. I've been struggling with picking the best glue for a wood ring with a gemstone (polished pink tourmaline) in it. I've made a few walnut rings for my lovely lady, used my dremel to recess a spot so that a...
  18. Wood & Lumber
    A friend of mine offered to give me this chair for free, so there was no way I was going to turn that down. In order to appease my fiance it would have to be refinished and restored. I got is disassembled, but I'm anxious to to really get started. I'd like to know what kind of chair it is and...
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello, The neighbor of ours, among many other tools, keeps a table saw (Delta) and a jointer in his garage, which he has said I am welcome to use. They are at least 20 years old, little used and haven't been turned on for a long time (there are speckles of rust spots on the jointer table). I...
41-60 of 63 Results