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  1. Wood ring

    Material: Stabilized Birch burl Size: 18 or 8 US Width: ~18 mm
  2. My bentwood ring.

    This is my best effort so far on bentwood rings. I am struggling with glue marks during the process but they are getting better and better.
  3. Wood ring. Size: 9,5 US

    Material: Stabilized maple burl Size: 19,5 mm or 9,5 US Width: ~11,5mm
  4. Ring. From Staron (acrylic stone) and ebony wood

    Staron ring with ebony wood line Size: 9,5 US or 19,5 Width: 8 mm Staron (acrylic stone) - very durable and waterproof material
  5. Ring from wood and corian. Size: 9,5 US

    Size: 9,5 US or 19,5 Width: 9,5 mm Materials: Stabilized maple burl and corian (acrylic stone).
  6. Ring

    Materials: Corian (acrylic stone), G10 and ebony wood
  7. River rimu ring

    I was recently given some rimu picket fence posts from someone redoing the fencing around their home. As I began sanding them down I realised it was river rimu. I find rimu generally too soft for ring making, but river timber being harder, I thought I'd give it a go. Turned out quite sharp. The...
  8. Ring. From corian (acrylic stone) and Walnut root wood

    Yellow corian ring with brown wood line Materials: Corian (acrylic stone) and Walnut root wood
  9. Bubingo wood ring

    Materials: Stabilized bubingo wood, ebony wood and G10 Stabilized wood - that's wood has been impregnated with a chemical stabilizing solution. The purpose of stabilizing wood is to make it more durable and less prone to warping or cracking than natural, untreated wood. G10 is a high-pressure...
  10. Ring. Maple wood + G10

    Maple wood ring with gray G10 (knife handle material) Width: ~9 mm Finish - mix of linseed oil with bees and carnauba wax
  11. Square ring. Wenge wood and G10 (knife handle material)

    Wenge wood ring with green G10 Width: ~9 mm Finish: Linseed oil with mix of carnauba and bees wax
  12. Ring. From corian (acrylic stone) and Walnut root wood

    Olive green corian ring with brown wood line Materials: Corian (acrylic stone) and Walnut root wood
  13. Swamp kauri ring

    Swamp kauri ring. I do love making the fatties :) I'm always surprised by how soft swamp kauri is. I generally only work with it when I get gifted small off-cuts. Always a joy to see the unique patterns.
  14. Whiskey Barrel and Opal Ring fresh off the lathe

    This is a Cremation Ring made with Makers mark Cask, Titanium, Crushed Inlay opal. Turned on the mini-lathe Materials used: UV resin Sweet-smelling Makers mark whiskey barrel 8mm Titanium Insert ring core blank Ca Glue Crushed Opal # OP50
  15. Acrylic stone rings with vavona burl

    Materials: Corian (acrylic stone) and vavona burl
  16. Wood ring. Tigerwood + Ebony wood

    Wood ring Materials: Tigerwood and ebony wood Finish: mix of linseed oil, carnauba and bees wax
  17. New Zealand River Matai with NZ Silver Beech Core

    New Zealand river matai, much darker than normal matai. One of the things I love about using river wood is that it's a more sustainable source of wood, because no new trees are cut. This particular ring looks very dark until you get it out into the sun, where it sports a gorgeous copper-gold shine.
  18. Probably mahogany with amethyst inlay ring

    One of the issues with working with reclaimed wood is that you're not always sure what you're working with! This looks a lot like mahogany, though; very orange mahogany. The inlay is crushed amethyst tumbled stone.
1-20 of 63 Results