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  1. Impossible Wood Arrow -Through- Wood Heart Trick

    Fun Woodworking Project. Easy weekend woodworking Project. This is a fun woodworking trick that makes a neat gift or conversational piece. How to get a wood arrow, through a small hole in a wood heart. A great holiday gift. Free downloadable PDF plan on our website under Free Plans. Check...
  2. Walnut Curtain Rod Holders

    A set of Walnut Curtain Rod Holders I made for my wife to replace the flimsy, expensive metal ones…
  3. Oak Kitchen Cabinet

    My kitchen has limited amount of cabinet space. So this was a project I knew was going to enjoy building. I designed it, and built it to spec. It's just about 95% oak. Mosaic tile top I had built for another project played a major role in the dimensioning of this cabinet. Equipped with full...
  4. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Being a Professional Picture Framer, I've always been fond of working with my hands on wood and wood products. Now that I'm married and a dad of 4, I've always wanted to build things out in the back yard for my kids, like swing sets and jungle gyms. I found this and it is chock-full of...
  5. Blogs
    Quick Shop Tour and Projects Just a quick show of where I make sawdust and a few of the things I've put together in the last couple years. More to come, and thanks for watching.
  6. Blogs
    Thank you to all . I would like to thank all members who have welcomed me to Lumberjocks. I hope I won't be a lonely woodworker anymore now that I know I will more friends with whom I can share my projects and views and comments on woodworking. Email me any time. I have a lot of time to read...
  7. Blogs
    Curtain Rod Holders Here is a little video on the Walnut Curtain Rod Holders I made a few weeks back! If interested in building these yourself, there are plans on my website Cool Tool Shed under the "Project & Videos" tab! Curtain Rod Holders - #002
  8. Hand Tools
    Hello I am looking to do a live edge slab coffee table and was wondering if i could get away with just using a router and sled assembly to flatten the board and then finish off with a smoothing plane. I should note I do not have a plane at the moment but have used them before. Good planes are...
1-9 of 9 Results