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  1. Wood & Lumber
    Hi all! This is my first post here. I'm just now deep diving into woodworking, though I've dabbled before. So, please forgive all my upcoming beginner questions that I can't seem to find answers for through the ol' Google machine. I'll try to jump straight to my first issue and would greatly...
  2. Blogs
    Sofa Table from tension wood#1 This is a series to show my process when dealing with tension wood. I started this topic in a forum call "Darn that curly tension wood" to introduce the topic. Now that I have a plan in process, I wanted to show you how to deal with wood, which is unwilling to...
  3. Blogs
    Free scrapers that work Ah ha! Got your interest right? This is a little video that introduces glass as a scraper. I use them all the time and prefer them in many instances to steel ones. Plus glass is free. It is you know, nearly everywhere and in quantity. Take a look and see, it only lasts a...
1-3 of 3 Results