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  1. pie safe cabinet

    this was my first project. my wife wanted something she could store excess kitchenware in. growing up, my mother had an antique pie safe. i wanted to build something similar. i had no idea what i was doing, i just looked over the original to see how it was put together and gave it my best...
  2. Hand Tools
    Hello folks, My old Nicholson #49 and 50 are worn out. I'm looking for replacements and wondered what folks recommend. There seems to be a vast range in quality out there. I make repro furniture and do a lot of carving, so really need something aggressive and good quality that will last...
  3. Hand Tools
    Hey Folks, I have been working on some projects that use files for shaping(ie. gunstocks). I have a hodge podge assortment of rasps/files that I have been acquiring over the years but I have never really done any research on what are "good" files vs. "not good" ones OR, what should a person...
1-3 of 3 Results