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  1. Wood Coasters with Epoxy Resin

    Just starting to learn how to work with epoxy resin and beginning to incorporate them into some simple woodworking projects. Here are some pictures of my first attempts with it. Lots to learn as always. These don't take too long too make and I think they are going to be great Christmas Presents!
  2. Coasters Made from a Log: Beautiful but Simple

    Here's a video [click here] showing how to make these drink coasters. A very simple project, the coasters take an afternoon to make (plus whatever drying time the chosen finish requires). They are beautiful, functional and can be made from old tree trimmings. Regardless of the chosen finish...
  3. Wood Coasters

    I used 3/4" bamboo flooring to make these coasters. For a how to video and free plans for this project click Here! Check out my YouTube channel Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans! Check out my Website Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans!
  4. Marblewood coasters with mahogany storage box.

    These are some marblewood coasters i cut out of a turning blank. The endgrain faces up so all the coaster match very well, i dont think ive ever seen wood coasters made this way. I just wanted some opinions on what you fellow woodworkers think of this design. Thanks, Andy.
  5. Wood & Lumber
    I recently started messing around with woodworking and like most made some cutting boards. A couple end grain boards I made came out of the drum sander with tons of small cracks. I was taking really small passes with a new piece of 80 grit paper on there. I've read it might be too much heat...
  6. Marketplace Classifieds
    Im offering up a couple of handsaws with a few more to come. If youd like to talk pricing and specifics PM's are preferred. If youd like additional pictures or descriptions ill be more than happy to post them here for all to see. Ive refurbished the plates and handles as well as reshaped and...
1-6 of 6 Results