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  1. Walnut with Purple Heart rocking chair

    Walnut w/purple heart rocking chair-Here is some pictures of a recent rocking chair.Wood is Black Walnut with Purple heart accents.I did something different with this one and wrapped the leg/seat joint with the purple heart also. The purple heart is also inlayed into the runners. "Want to learn...
  2. Walnut/Curly Cherry Rocking Chair-

    Here is my latest Rocker.The spindles are from curly cherry and the joints are wrapped in Cherry as well the cherry came from fellow LJ-poroskywood.The Walnut is local wood from my area in New Mexico.
  3. Mesquite Dining chairs,"Maloof Style"

    Mesquite Dining chairs, "Maloof Style"-I know I haven't posted in a while I do get on and see what going on though.This "project"is one of the reasons I haven't had time for any postings lately!! This was a commission for 16 dining chairs out of Mesquite to go with a 16 ft dining table in...
1-4 of 4 Results