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  1. My five year old

    This is a portrait of one of my sons, the original photo and the sketch I used as a patern for the burn. It is an 8×10 on birch ply. I added pictures that I hope help answer any questions. I print out a picture and usually draw over the picture the areas I want to use for shading the burn… it...
  2. Inlaid Cherry Wine Bottle Balancer

    I was going back through my pictures and realized I hadn't posted this wine bottle balancer that I made to give to my grandfather for his 80th birthday. The main piece is of cherry, with maple and walnut pocket hole plugs inlaid into the front of the bottle balancer. I also burned the message...
  3. Brother and Sister Picture Frames

    Picture frames that I made as commission pieces for a local gift shop. They measure 8 1/2×11".
  4. Walnut and Hard Maple Tealight Candle Holder

    I made this tealight candle holder a few weeks ago out of walnut and hard maple, but it sat unfinished down in the basement. A couple of days ago, my wife was getting ready to send a 10th wedding anniversary card to some friends of ours out in Michigan. I said if she could wait an extra day, I...
  5. Chief Joseph

    8×10 on yellow pine. Burned using vintage photo as a reference.
  6. Hunt scene

    My first wood burning on a fir board.
  7. Marine Corps Scout Sniper Plaque

    Commission for a Marine on Camp Lejeune. Woodburned logos, routed letters.
  8. Beer Plugs

    Play time on the lathe. They work great for keeping the bugs and sawdust out. Mariens love 'em!
  9. Desk/Mantle top Easter Cross

    Mom wanted an Easter gift for her Secret Sister at church. I showed her some cross scrollsaw patterns from Steve Good's website and she picked this one. I was going to glue up some cherry trim that is in the wood hoard to make a panel from which to cut the pattern then decided that wasn't going...
  10. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'm in the finishing stage of building a sitting bench for a family member. The bench itself is comprised of quarter sawn white oak- 7 boards in total to acquire the thickness. Here is a link to a post I submitted about the glue up including pics at that stage-...
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I commented on a post by kwbalck a couple days ago. Something about homemade tablesaws being scary, I think all tablesaws are scary. At least if used improperly they are. I'm posting some pictures of mine. This saw has been my portable tablesaw for more than ten years now. As you can see...
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hey guys. A buddy introduced me to The Drunken Woodworker's site yesterday - great personality woodworker whose videos are a load of fun to watch. If you haven't checked him out then I strongly encourage you to do so. One of his weekly recaps had mentioned CC Boyce's production called "Would...
1-12 of 12 Results