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  1. Weber Plaque

    Plaque on 8×10 plaque made from yellow pine. This is for fun, for a group I do research with.
  2. Old Farm House

    About 8×14" on basswood. I use a Detail Master, Dagger III with a fixed tip, medium rounded skew. The structures are referenced from other images, modified and put together, the rest is freehand.
  3. Altar Bookstand

    Our pastor, a wonderful priest named Father Raymond McDaniel, presently uses a clear acrylic book stand on the altar for reading the liturgy of the Mass. While functional, it's not a very good looking piece. A priest should have stand made of wood and this is what I have made for him. It's not a...
  4. Wine Cave Lid Burn

    So, here is the story. A friend of mine put a wine cave/cellar under his house, yes he had lots of room. He asked me help drill some holes in some wine keg slats. He came over and the lid was left behind. He asked if I could some cool with it to hang in his wine cave. This is what I came up...
  5. Mesquite Buffet

    I made this buffet using a flitch of mesquite planks; the top and all panels are book matched. The legs are maple with a black milk paint finish. This project took a while to complete but was very satisfying. An image of this buffet was published in the Lark #500 Cabinets" book.
  6. Fishing Shadowbox

    I hand carved the fishing lures out of pine and wood burned the anchors, clock,and corks .
  7. Family and Home

    This is on an 11×14 piece of birch plywood. Burned with a Detail Master using a medium rounded skew. I have been doing several pictures like this one for a realtor. He gives them to the families that he sells homes to as a gift for using him as their realtor.
  8. Country Life

    This isn't a new project, I did it this last summer, but I just had to refinish it for a show… aparently it still has a little life yet to give before I am done with it. This is an original pyrograph on Yellow Pine. It is 11×14.
  9. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I normally never involve people in my personal life but this forum has been so helpful that I just need to reach out to all of you. Please pray for them, maybe every time you use a router today.
  10. Wood & Lumber
    Hey everyone I need to resolve a problem that I have.. I am making trivets using a plunge router and the trivet has inset grooves criss-crossing the top and bottom faces and I have a good bit of wood burn and it is proving very difficult in getting into the spaces at the end of the grooves...
  11. Blogs
    Week 1=What I am planning and how I am doing so far Well I have decided to challenge myself this year in order to work at my woodworking more and get my shop in order.. yeah, yeah I know I was suppose to be doing that as part of ShopQuest 2010. But, really I am going to do this this year, and...
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    What is the favorite thing you have built ?
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Does anybody have this combination currently? I know the measurements are identical, but the Excalibur plate is $140, and the already drilled for my Triton Router Woodpecker plate is $100. I know I'll still have to drill 2 holes in the Woodpecker plate to mount it to the Excalibur table, but I...
  14. Designing Woodworking Projects
    What do you know about the Greene & Greene style? Share your thoughts and links here. Discussion originated in the March '09 issue of the LJ eMag. (note:first comments are from a "teaser" posting)
1-14 of 14 Results