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  1. Hand Plane Swap 2015

    Here is a handplane made for fatandy2003 for the 2015 handplane swap. Below is the letter that was included with the plane. fatandy2003, Here is my attempt at a wooden jack plane. It is made of Brazilian Cherry in a traditional style. Blade bed angle is 45degrees and is a little over 14" long...
  2. Wood Steel and adjustable Mouth. Everything a Plane should have.

    These two planes have been bouncing around in my head for a long time now. When a fellow LJ gave me a bunch of pieces of mahogany, just about the right size for making 'em, it was all the motivation I needed. Note at this first writing, the second one (the one with the tote) hasn't been...
  3. Blogs
    My #6 Restore. I found this Stanley #6 in a flee market. I paid a whopping $10 for it. This is my first restore blog, but not my first plane restore. I've learned a little, and need to learn a lot more. So here it was: I haven't totally figured out my way of doing all of this, so...
  4. Finishing
    I built this television stand from birch plywood and poplar face/ top. I used Minwax ebony stain and a Minwax clear coat. I had a really hard time getting the stain to take; take note of some of the faded corners that just wouldn't turn black (this happened all over the box; not just the...
1-4 of 4 Results