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  1. Custom Wishing Well Design

    I built this for our 20th anniversary, my wife has wanted one for awhile. So while she was away, I got busy, This is built from scratch from the ground up. It stands just over 8 ft tall, and is about 5 ft to the outer most points. The base is made out of green 2×4's cut to about 12 in each...
  2. Brandy's Wishing well

    My friend brandy is getting married to by brother in law Danny, and while brandy and my wife were talking about decorations and all the other girly stuff that i am not going to mention. one of the things that brandy mentioned was that she would love a wishing well in her wedding. (still...
  3. Wishing well

    Huh, another project that I made for my Mother. I did this one in 2004. It's all cedar from Lowe's. It was rough when I bought it, so I used a finishing sander to clean it up. If only I knew then what I know now… :) It's still outside and in one piece. Though, when I told my parents that...
  4. Wishing Well #1

    This is a wishing well that I made for the daughter of a friend. She moved from one house to another and she wanted a wishing well at her new home. Its made out of Spruce lumber with cedar shingles on the top.
  5. Garden Wishing Well

    This is my Wishing Well That i have made all from pallets. The lights on the side are both solar panel lights that come on when it is dark. They were from the pound shop.
  6. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Anyone know anything about vintage chainsaws? My father has one with no name on it, it is gold in colour and weighs a ton. The wording on the saw appears not to be english. No pic available yet. Any thoughts on where to look for info ??
  7. Woodworking Skill Share
    Building a Workbench this week. Plan calls for Douglas Fir because of it's ability to stand up to more abuse than standard white wood from the big box store. Plan is supposed to use wood you can get anywhere. I'm in the south and can't find Douglas Fir. Any suggestions for wood that would be...
1-7 of 7 Results