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  1. Bedside lamp stands

    These bedside lamp stands are one of the first projects that I started with, I made them out of Pine on a home made lathe that my father bought in the 70's it had cast iron Singer sewing machine legs for the bench and an old 1/3 HP motor swung at the back and when it ran at high speeds the...

    A few minutes ago I viewed Glen Petersons Turning Tool Cabinet and his wonderful collection of chisels. I was impressed enough to drool a little and then I said I'd run out to the shop and take a picture of mine and post it. I've never built a dedicated Turning Tool Cabinet, but years ago I...
  3. shop walls

    This is the best category I could think of since my shop is my biggest project. Sorry if it's in the wrong place This project all started with the purchase of a 20" planer 5HP (3phz). It came with a static phase converter, which is wrong for this size machine. In doing lots of research I...
  4. Cross-cut Sled

    Cross-cut Sled

  6. Black Walnut plant stand

    Finially finished this walnut plant stand with crock wood top. Finished with Urethane to protect it from water spills, it also brings out the grain
  7. Dogwood Urn

    Made of spalted Dogwood. It is 15" high and 7" dia. Finished with oil and buffed.
  8. Decoration for V-Bert

    When we've purchased our 32' sailboat named "Lindisfarne" several years ago, it needed some work, both interior and exterior. A front sleeping compartment(known as V-Bert on sailing vessels) needed to be re-finished. Afterwards I noticed some emptiness around mirror on the back wall and carved...
  9. Workbench

    I built a new studio workbench for a Tail and chain drive vise I just recently ordered through my good brother in California. I was not happy with the end and side mount bench vise on my 2 year old workbench. The end vise was pretty okay but the side mounted one was too small for for what I...
  10. What got me started woodworking

    If you'll read on my bio on my main page, you'll understand why I got into woodworking. I Had horrible kitchen cabinets when we bought our house 8 years ago. I wish I had taken before pictures to show. Imagine white cabinets. I tried to fix the problems by building new doors and adding lip...
  11. Its a pirate life for me..

    Just the latest pens off the lathe Resin cast blanks with Pinecone, Cactus and Cherry Burl oh and the Treasure map pen stand
  12. Native American

    This is just one of many of my woodburns that I am working on at the time. Please comment. Thank you and have a great day!!!
  13. Cherry pierced bas-relief carving

    Over two decades ago I found a piece of clip art based on one of THE CRUSADES. Wow, knights, villains, swords, shields, whats not to like. I said "One day I'll do something with that". That day came in 2012. I chose a piece of 1/8th" cherry. Transferred the pattern and found out Cherry is...
  14. Cherry Hearts

    Thought id get this one done by valentines day welll….... LOL Just been so busy at work . The top is a burl veneer that was given to me with a curly maple veneer down the center. I added the hearts after a mess up with the tape grrrr . First attempt with the three point corner think it came out...
  15. Walnut and Birdseye Maple Console Table

    Here is a piece I recently finished on a "spec" basis in my free time between client jobs. This is all 8/4" thick wood (Walnut and Birdseye Maple) and the main pieces are 11" deep. Overall length is 56". The Maple has a bit of a live edge along both sides, and some good heartwood color. This...
  16. Home for Christmas, came to the shop

    My son is home from college and mentioned that he needed a cutting board because the cheap one his roommate bought was thin, warped, and small. Since I am one of a small handful of lumberjocks who have yet to post a cutting board photo I took the opportunity to help him make a cutting board and...
  17. Chevron patterned Cutting Board

    Hi guys Just finished this 2 inch thick edge grained chevron patterened Cutting Board… [rough measurements…16 in by 16 in] Made from Purple Heart, Silver Ash, Tasmanian Blackwoodn New Guinea Rosewood and a sliding dovetail keyed spline in the mitred border made from Camphor Laurel… finished with...
  18. Jewelry box in Willow

    I made this box in High School. It is currently over 20 years old. Just 4 sides mitered together, and a dado cut in the bottom for a plywood bottom. I did mill some 3/32 willow to make a removable tray. I'd say this box is an antique already!!
  19. Funky laminated bandsaw box

    This box on box action came from having several chunks of 5/8inch thick black walnut (yes more walnut wood) in the scrap box that were all slightly tweaked or warped. Liberal amounts of glue and some good clamps made me two chunks to work with so I started attacking them with the band saw and an...
  20. Mesquite End Table -- The last of the Argentine wood horde.

    1 Aug 2015 Well, after 17 years I've finally have used up all of my Argentine mesquite horde. Finished an end table this weekend. Kinda sad in a way but it certainly worked out well. I'd bought this load through a local dealer for about $5 a bf in 1998 sight unseen. So, 500+ bf and 20+...
1-20 of 99 Results