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  1. Red Mallee Natural Edge Bowl

    This is a bowl from red mallee burl that I made for my mother for Mother's Day. Picked up the burl from ebay. Sanded to 600 grit, finish is wipe on poly. Soon you'll be seeing some pistol grips from some material I cut off the bottom of the blank.
  2. A Toymakers sanity during Lockdown Isloation

    A Toymakers sanity during Lockdown Isloation Well ladies and gents what a very different few months we've had for sure. Thank you to the folk who've checked up on me during this time, it's been very much appreciated. With the extra time for hibernating in the shed my darling wife suggested...
  3. Letterbox Fund Raiser for the Local Community Club

    With the lockdown now easing the Local Community Club has now been allowed to restart its gymnastic program but after over 4 months of closure's we need to do some fund raising. With my wife as Head Coach and Program Co-coordinator she always coming up with creative ideas to keep the club going...
  4. Zebrawood bowl

    Zebrawood bowl. About 6" wide and 2" tall. Made as a mother's day gift for my mom. Sanded to 600 grit, then burnished. Finish is wipe-on-poly.
  5. Hand Tools
    Hi guys I know you probably answer this one a gazillion of times, but I didn't find any answer so far, so please be kind with me! :) I'm starting to look at handplanes like many others. I have a really small shop in my basement, and powertools are messy and takes all the place. So going down...
1-5 of 5 Results