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  1. Wine Stoppers

    Variety of Wine Stoppers. From left to right (Kingwood, Padauk, Cocobolo, Tulip wood, Purple Heart, Birdseye Maple and Purple heart.
  2. Solid Cherry Wine Rack

    This solid cherry wine rack was made for a friend for her birthday. The rack features hand cut dovetails for all of the joinery except for the back panel. The finish is just boiled linseed oil and 4 coats of a satin wipe on poly (my own recipe).
  3. Wine Glass Box

    A friend I work with asked if I would make a simple box that holds a bottle of wine for him to give as a wedding present. I agreed to make him one but the "simple" request had to go. This is make from walnut and curly maple. The legs are hinged on the bottom (no metal) and fold over the top to...
  4. Wine Rack

    This is the first of many styles that I will be building in the future. Supports are dadoed into the uprights. I thought this would look better then just nailing them on.
  5. Cork screw holder

    Another gift I made for Chrismas for the girlfriend. I used a Haas CNC at work (over lunch breaks, again). The design was pretty easy, but the mounting and machining was tricky. Because of the low cuts, and contouring of the mill cutter, fastening the wood blank to a vise was tricky! Third...
  6. Another Wine Cabinet, From Maple

    June, 2012-When my sister-in-law saw the earlier wine cabinet I made for my wife ( she asked me to make one for her. She decided she wanted it stained English Chestnut, so I decided to use maple solid and maple plywood. The wood came from Anderson Lumber...
  7. Wine table I call the mortise and tenon glue up nightmare!

    Walnut live edge slab with quartersawn oak base and bowties. 40+ mortises and tenons. I was trying to glue up on my own and quickly desperation set in. Luckily a friend showed up at my shop and my look of horror required no words. He promptly grabbed a glue brush and we got it glued up...
  8. "David Marks" meets "Weekend at Bernie's"

    "What am I going to get Bernie for Christmas?" My dad asks me the same question every year! You see, he likes to get his business partner and friend, Bernie, something special every year for Christmas. It always has to be something unique. This year, I caught up with my Dad early and...
  9. Wine stopper and corkscrew set.

    The wine stoppers are olive wood and canary wood, the corkscrew stopper is cocobolo. The block is maple and the engraving done on a CNC machine. The letters were colored with craft paint prior to applying the finish.
  10. Cystic Fibrosis Charity Wine Rack

    I was approached a month ago about building a wine rack for an auction to raise money for cystic fibrosis research. Without hesitation I happily accepted the challenge. The nature of my business is to use reclaimed materials so, naturally, a reclaimed wine barrel was the first thing to come to...
  11. Wine Presentation Box

    Just finished this as a Valentines Day gift for my lovely bride. After a less than stellar showing on our anniversary, I felt like I should step up my game a bit! Constructed from mahogany left over from another project. Resawn on the bandsaw and planed to a consistent thickness. Used the...
  12. Wine Inlay Pen

    I gave the Kallenshan inlay kits a try, and the result speaks for itself. No doubt that they are high quality blank, but man is it expensive. I'm pretty sure I paid over $20 for the BLANK only, not to mention the Sierra pen kit and supplies. It took some patience to get all the tiny little...
  13. Counter Top Wine Rack

    I found an old book that had quite a few projects inside. One that caught my interest was this counter top wine rack. This wine rack is made of Red Oak. It has three coats of semi gloss polyurethane finish. I attached the top shelf, bottom shelf and sides with the Festool Dominos, as well as...
  14. Wine Cabinet For My Girlfriend

    This is my first posting. I live in Tulsa, OK and I have been watching everyone on here make amazing things. I'm not a carpenter which is obvious, but I have a lot of people in my life who work with wood or do contract work. Several months ago I decided to borrow some old tools from a friend and...
  15. Wine Rack from Pallet Wood

    A friend of mine showed me some wine racks that were made from old pallets. This is my interpretation. I do think it could look very nice if it were made from nice wood, but some people - my wife included - prefer the rustic look, and it was cheaper this way! "Wine Tasting" was engraved on the...
  16. Whine about spilled wine

    This is a project for this coming Jan. The Gallery Uptown in having an event called Wine about Winter and this will be my entry. The tray is cherry, the wine bottle is birds eye Maple, the goblet is maple base and figured birch top. The wine bottle cork is cherry burl. Yes the bottle is...
  17. Wine Rack for wedding

    This was a wedding gift for my brother's wedding from my girlfriend and I. It is a cherry frame with ambrosia maple slats. You can read all about it in my tutorial. I'm always open for critique! Thanks!!
  18. Wine Bottle Holder

    A friend of mine saw this in the latest issue of Wood magazine and ask me to make it for him. The wood is padauk and curly maple. Finished with two coats of gloss poly. Delivering it today. We'll see if he likes it!
  19. Wine Cabinet

    A wine cabinet I built from oak with a wenge top. Custom sized to fit a wine fridge we purchased. Further details can be seen on my website at
1-20 of 500 Results