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  1. elm slab-top wine rack. with walnut, elm, spalted maple, figured maple, pine, Japanese Modern design

    i patterned this wine rack design off a jewelry box i did a few years back (the last pic in this string, but its described in greater detail on another one of my other project posts). the style is japanese modern. took a few tries to get the leg curve, but once i got one that looked good in...
  2. Another Folding Wine Table for Picnics

    I made another Folding Wine Table for Picnics for a friend using my same SketchUp plan that I drew up for the first two wine tables that I built with just a few modifications here and there.
  3. Outdoor Wine Bar

    Outdoor wine bar/table made from eastern red cedar. Finished with teak oil
  4. More Wine Tables

    I had a few people request these so i decided to batch out a dozen. Hopefully they go fast. To you they look like wine tables, to me, they look like a new (to me) jointer. The bases are all white oak with wooden spikes. For the tops I was able to use a lot of leftovers. They include walnut...
  5. Wine Barrel Copper Table

    Elegant enchantment color copper wine table. Designed from aged echantment patina copper.
  6. Wine at a picnic, anyone.

    This is my take on the now famous Picnic Wine Table… one made from Camphor Laurel, one from Silky Oak…[both the top and the support are from matching timber]... You may also notice I have changed the design to include an oval top and holes in the support. Having the holes are not purely...
  7. Walnut and Maple Burl Slab Wine Table

    Oh, the places you'll go. The proverbial journey of this table was long and convoluted. It all started over a year ago when I purchased a maple burl slab from another woodworker at a yard sale with no idea what to make with it. I just knew it was cool and a bargain price. Fast forward a...
  8. Folding Wine Table for Picnics

    Two Christmas presents, one for my daughter and one for my daughter in law. This was another one of those requests: "dad look at the picture, can you make one?" I got some ideas from Steve @ woodworking for mere mortals but made some changes. I made provision for four wine glasses and also added...
  9. Cedar Picnic Wine Table

    I built this Picnic wine table last Spring and made a video of the process. It actually got featured in Town and Country Magazine! You can check it out here: Folding Wine Table
  10. Another wine table

    I made one of these a couple of years ago for my daughter's best friend. My daughter liked it so much I had to make another (and my other two daughters are now waiting for theirs). Base is cherry, top is cherry, maple and bubinga, drawer is birds eye. Wine glass molding is maple (commercial)...
  11. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    some LJs have been asking if i have some wood, well here is some pictures to e4njoy. let me know if intrested they are all to be sold. The wood was waxed ends and air dried for 700 days. Thanks Stockmaker
  12. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Marble machine - enjoy
1-12 of 12 Results