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  1. Wine Stoppers

    Variety of Wine Stoppers. From left to right (Kingwood, Padauk, Cocobolo, Tulip wood, Purple Heart, Birdseye Maple and Purple heart.
  2. Wine stoppers

    I just completed a few wine stoppers made of various woods. Mostly Tulipwood, Purpleheart and Kingwood. They are finished with 3 coats of Tru-Oil. Thanks for looking, all comments are appreciated.
  3. Wine stopper and corkscrew set.

    The wine stoppers are olive wood and canary wood, the corkscrew stopper is cocobolo. The block is maple and the engraving done on a CNC machine. The letters were colored with craft paint prior to applying the finish.
  4. Cocobolo wine stoppers

    Here are a few of the Cocobolo wine stoppers I have made recently. I found a good source of cheap (relatively) material locally and was able to get some really nice pieces! These are all finished with a shellac and BLO mix.
  5. Bottle stoppers

    More wine stoppers. Made of various scraps; maple, cherry, walnut, oak, purple heart & arbutus. All of them are finished with wipe on poly. Stoppers were purchase from Comments and critiques welcome.
  6. Wine Bottle Stopper Gift

    I needed a little gift to accompany some wine I'm giving to the neighbors to thank them. Tomorrow night they will graciously be hosting 25 people at a party to welcome me to the neighborhood. I have to say, I am really touched by their friendliness and this amazing gesture on their part. I...
  7. My First Wine Stopper

    I took a course through Lee Valley the other night and turned my first wine stopper. It is made from Cocobolo and finished with Ultrabrite and Shellawax. This is a great little project and I'm sure that I'll be creating more. :)
  8. Copy Cat version of a Wine Bottle Stopper and Box

    My nephew and his wife are moving into their new house soon. I was looking for the right gift when I saw what Builtinbkyn made for his neighbor. So I thought I'll give that a try, while it's not the caliber of Builtinbkyn's, I think it turned out pretty good. I used all scrap wood from the...
  9. Bottle stopper

    Bottle stoppers - most are made with maple and a couple from mahogany. Finishes are aniline dyes and wipe on poly. The bottoms were purchased from Made them to give away as gifts. More fun quick projects.
  10. A Negative Wine Stopper

    Made this stopper with the walnut and maple segments reversed from the last one. Used Rikkor's washer suggestion to turn the end diameter closer to the stopper diameter. Not perfect but better than the previous one.
  11. Simplicity

    Laminated Eastern Hard Maple with Rosewood
  12. 2-in-1 bottle stopper

    Well that's it. This is my official cry for help. I've got it. I've got the turning bug. It started with a few pens after school, which didn't seem like a big deal. And now I can't help the fact that its escalating to other projects like this. I don't show interest in furniture building...
  13. "Pheasant Wood" w/ Black Titanium Wine Stopper

    "Pheasant Wood" - Hawaiian Pheasant Wood or Golden Shower Tree (Kolohala) This extremely rare ornamental tree is normally found in yards and landscapes. Its distinctive yellow flowers and foot long pods makes it an interestingly beautiful tree. The wood's grain, when cut, looks like the golden...
  14. Bottle Stop.....Baby Rattle

    This started out as a 'normal' wine bottle stopper for some friends who just became 1st time Grandparents. The joke is for them to give the rattle to the baby when she is crying, everyone gets happy. Grandparents get the bottle, baby gets the rattle! Don't anyone worry, the baby will never get...
  15. First Projects!

    My first woodworking projects ever! We made two cutting boards, a stand for the boards, an angled wine bottle holder and a bottle stopper in the wood shop introduction class at Philadelphia Woodworks.
  16. Wine Stoppers

    Various wine stoppers i made in 2009 for Christmas presents. I plan to start an etsy account and see if i have any luck selling them made of maple and walnut, these stoppers are adjustable and fit into any bottle
  17. Some pens and wine stoppers

    I spent some time last Christmas break learning my lathe, and decided to make several pens and wine stoppers. I've later done pens for friends, gifts, etc. I've also turned some darts as well. These are lots of fun, easy, and great to get my boys into the shop! I done some out of acrylic...
  18. Bottle stopper by my daughter

    Bottle stopper in maple, my daughter's Mother's Day gift to my wife. Dinner was approaching and when kids get hungry they start to lose enthusiasm so it didn't get as much sanding as it should. Finished in mineral oil. I feared the o-rings might come off in the bottle but in practice they stay...
  19. Cowboy Bottle Stopper

    Cowboy bottle stopper carved from northern Wisconsin basswood, painted with acrylic paint washes, and finished with a Minwax Polycrylic spray sealer. Fitted with a premium quality stainless steel stopper.
1-20 of 52 Results