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  1. Walnut & Wrought Iron Wine Rack

    A Walnut n wrought iron wine rack
  2. Wall Mounted Wine Rack

    I wanted to design a wine rack but not just an ordinary one. I included the use of bending plywood and an "X" shape rack in the top piece. The rack holds up to 6 bottles. This project is built with cherry, and bending ply. It is stained with gunstock red, and the bend parts are painted black.
  3. Wine Cabinet

    we brought back alot of wine from california so a place to keep it was needed. i designed this wine console out of lyptus wood and mahogany. the dividers pull out and double as serving trays. now we're set to have a wine party too bad i know nothing about wine guess ill stick to drinking it.
  4. oak and walnut kitchen with shaker style doors

    The doors are made out of white oak with mdf veneered panels. The worktop is black walnut and some of it has also been used to add interest to the tall cupboard end panels. Black walnut was also used for the draw fronts. The washing machine, dishwasher, tumbler dryer, fridge and freezer are...
  5. Cystic Fibrosis Charity Wine Rack

    I was approached a month ago about building a wine rack for an auction to raise money for cystic fibrosis research. Without hesitation I happily accepted the challenge. The nature of my business is to use reclaimed materials so, naturally, a reclaimed wine barrel was the first thing to come to...
  6. Another Wine Rack

    Holds 7 wine bottles. I'm not sure what kind of wood the wine bottle holder is. I think it may be honey locust based on a photo of a project I saw here on LJ's. The base is black walnut. I got the wood from a friend off his firewood pile and thought I'd try it as an experiment. Once I got into...
  7. Corner wine rack

    Not my typical western flair, however a friend wanted a custom corner wine rack, so this is what I came up with. Built it out of pine, which I should have used more of a hardwood, and painted it black. Not much to it, but it was something different for me.
  8. Wine Rack from Pallet Wood

    A friend of mine showed me some wine racks that were made from old pallets. This is my interpretation. I do think it could look very nice if it were made from nice wood, but some people - my wife included - prefer the rustic look, and it was cheaper this way! "Wine Tasting" was engraved on the...
  9. Wine Rack for wedding

    This was a wedding gift for my brother's wedding from my girlfriend and I. It is a cherry frame with ambrosia maple slats. You can read all about it in my tutorial. I'm always open for critique! Thanks!!
  10. Wine Rack

    I made 3 of these at Christmas time, kept one, and gave the other 2 away. its a simple design, and was simple the make, but with the wine bottles in it, i think it looks pretty cool. both sides look the same, u can put it on the floor or on the table, whatever. u could also build a taller one...
  11. Bar / Wine Rack / Entertainment Center

    BUILT BY MY UNCLE This is in my fathers house. Everything pretty much speaks for it's self. The counter top is Avonite solid surface. The TV shelf pulls out and turns from side to side. The grain matches on the drawer faces, and the base.
  12. Wine shelf "10 Bottles"

    This is a "second edition" of my Standing Wine Shelf This shelf is made of walnut and brass. The finishing coat is tung oil and wax. Product dimensions: Height 113cm (44.3") Width 30cm (11.8") Depth 17cm (6.7")
  13. Some projects at work

    1: A kitchen island with a marble top,tempered glass shelves,locking casters, and nickel plated steel welded frame.I cut all the pieces and finish ground them after they were welded. 2: curved wall cabinet for a mud room 3: edgebanding 4: Live edge walnut on nickel plated steel 5: plywood...
  14. Wine Rack

    So a buddy at work asked me to build a kitchen island with a wine rack .. but the wine rack needed to be portable and so this is what I came up with .. Materials 1×12x4' of pine 4' length of 1" dowel 2' length of 3/8" dowel Tools Router ( I used a palm router, love it) Drum sander Drill...
  15. Octagon Wine Rack (copy)

    The idea for this wine rack comes from "Seasoned" whoe posted it quite a while ago. This is actually the second wine rack I've made using this design. The first one was made from Cherry and was a Christmas gift for my sister. This one was made for my girlfriend from a Maple board my friend...
  16. Wine Cabinet

    This is one of my first woodworking projects, its made of Red Oak and the drawer is made of Poplar. I'm Still trying to acquire power tools so this was made from a circular saw, router and hand drill. This project was finished then assembled, its mostly held together by using a Kreg Pocket Hole...
  17. elm slab-top wine rack. with walnut, elm, spalted maple, figured maple, pine, Japanese Modern design

    i patterned this wine rack design off a jewelry box i did a few years back (the last pic in this string, but its described in greater detail on another one of my other project posts). the style is japanese modern. took a few tries to get the leg curve, but once i got one that looked good in...
  18. Wine Rack

    Good friend at work shows me a picture and says "can you make this" and as that's the way it usually starts… I say sure. About 35 feet of cherry, Watco cherry danish oil, shellac and paste wax on top. A lot of pieces…slats, chamfers and home made trim under the top. Cuts out pretty fast, but...
  19. Pallet Wine Rack

    Yet another pallet project. Very easy to make.
1-20 of 228 Results