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  1. Wall wine shelf

    This is a handmade Wood Wine shelf made from oak wood. It was designed to hold 8 wine bottles. Holes on the shelf are specially designed to support various types of wine bottles. The finish is done with oil and wax. Shelf dimensions: Height 67.5cm (26.6in) Width 4cm (1.6in) Depth 8.5cm (3.3in)
  2. Wine shelf "10 Bottles"

    This is a "second edition" of my Standing Wine Shelf This shelf is made of walnut and brass. The finishing coat is tung oil and wax. Product dimensions: Height 113cm (44.3") Width 30cm (11.8") Depth 17cm (6.7")
  3. Twisted Wine Balancer

    This is one of many wine holders that I recently finished. I've been trying to design holders that look more like they should balance when they all do. This one turned out very sturdy and strong, it looks nice balance wine or just resting against the wall as a design. It's made from maple
  4. Another one for the 'Club'...

    here is another wine holder, but this is first time I tryed adding some different colored wood into the mix. It's made from mahogany and striped with purplehear and mesquite. It was my first time using any of the 3 types of wood and I'm pretty happy over all.
  5. The leaning holder of wine!

    I designed this one, like many others, to look off center, but it still balances very well. Again this one is made from mahogany, purpleheart and mesquite.
  6. Swan wine holder

    Another custom design I made from maple to hold… yes another one for the club…. wine! Another design that was actually pretty simple to cut and is very sturdy.
  7. Balance Wine Holders

    Maple, Walnut, Pine, African Mahogany, Beech. I am making dozens of these to sell at a craft sale in a couple of weeks. Approximately 45% angle at the bottom and a hole for a wine bottle neck to fit in. Once balanced they are remarkably stable. I use wood that is being tossed out by a stair and...
  8. Blue Pine Wine Holder (2 bottle)

    Wine holder from a slice of beetle kill pine with several branches that's been hanging around the shop. Glass holder was fashioned from a piece of White ash firewood. originally was for one bottle of wine but someone talked me into drilling for a second bottle. well, with the added weight it...
  9. Wine Holder

    This is a very fun project to work with. 1 it doesn't involve using a lot of wood. 2 is very unique the way the bottle balances itself. 3 there are countless ways to mix woods, stains, or designs for the wine holders. The miter is a 45 degree and the hole is a 1 1/2in. I apologize about...
  10. balancing wine bottle holder

    This was a house-warming gift for a friend of mine. It is made from a pecan branch broken off during a storm. I kept the live edge for a more unique look. I actually had to glue it back on after the wood had dried. Finished it off with a couple coats of wipe on poly.
  11. Two Bottle Wine Holder

    For the last project for 2018, I made this very simple two-bottle wine holder for my sister and her husband. Made from off-cuts of cherry and ash. Finished with shellac and polissiored beeswax.
  12. Bath Caddy Book & Wine Holder

    I used 1×6x8 and 1×4x6 pine wood to make this bath caddy book & wine holder. For a how to video and free plans for this project click on Video Link: Check out my YouTube channel Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans! Check out my Website Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans...
  13. Wine Bottle Holder

    This is a Christmas gift that I made for my bosses wife. The woods are purpleheart and maple and finished with Arm-R-Seal Satin. The piece measure 15" long x 9" high x 5" wide and the planks are 1/2" thick. The joint was cut at a 15° angle using a dado blade. I placed a little bit of glue and...
  14. Magic Wine Bottle Holder

    Last year I did cutting boards for Christmas presents and I didn't know what to do this year. Then I saw the magic wine bottle holder by the teen woodworker and it got me thinking , why couldn't I make the magic wine bottle holder look like the cutting boards. Went online and found these plans...
  15. Wine Rack

    Here is a wine rack that I made for my boss for Christmas. He not only loves wine, but also races Indy cars, so it has a race-car theme. Special thanks to LarryS, from whom I borrowed the plans for the rack portion. The first iteration had the upright built to hold 6 bottles, but the hole...
  16. Wine Bottle Stand

    Made this wine bottle stand with some cherry I managed to get from a cut down tree in the forest near my house. Left the live edge on the pieces and simply oiled and left to soak for a nice natural finish.
  17. Gravity Wine holders

    Some quick Christmas presents I made just today for my brothers and sisters. Took only a couple hours. Made of Mahogany, and one out of Walnut. 2 coats of Red Mahogany Danish Oil. And yes I realize that isnt a wine bottle in there (I dont drink wine). Its an old Vodka bottle I started...
  18. The Overflow Wine Caddy

    The Overflow Wine Caddy Continuing the theme, what would happen if you put bottles of wine into a bucket filled with paint? This was the question behind the design of the liquid wood styled beer holster. I wanted to create a purposeful/ practical piece that represents a frozen depiction of an...
  19. Wine Holder

    We are getting ready to go to a big trade show that its aimed to woodworkers, that is in May. one of the things that sell quite well there are wine holders. last year we took some but were almost identical that the other vendors had there. this year i will try to take some different forms...
  20. Wine Bottle Holder

    Inspired by LarryS' Wine Rack, and also in need of a good gift at Christmas Time, I took some available oak that I had on hand and came up with this wine bottle holder. Since I did not have stock as wide as Larry did, I arranged the bottles all in one line. (Larry's design had a staggered...
1-20 of 34 Results