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  1. micro wine goblet

    perfect for un petit (petit petit) gout! - a little taste indeed! Which is to say almost no taste at all. a small Mesquite turning - I was playing with the "extra wood" on the end of a turning before I pared it off. To join this in a mouses house or dollhouse kitchen, I have a couple attempts...
  2. Third Times a Charm Wine Goblet with Captive Rings with ring cutting tool.

    I wanted to make a special wedding gift for my niece in the way of a double captive ring wine goblet. First try using pear the goblet survived, needless to say, the rings did not. Second attempt neither one survived. Third attempt using yew surpassed my expectations. This photo is just the raw...
  3. Wood Goblet In Indian Teakwood

    I want to some different design of Wooden goblet. Just I was turning this design goblet. sleek look, proper shape & size Height 16 Cm, Diameter 7 CM, Designed By Bharat Variya
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    I know we had our LJ time just now, but I was just told about this event and thought some folks might be interested. Lie Neilsen is holding a handtools event May 22nd in Phil's Furniture Institute of Massachusetts in Beverly, MA: Phil for those that have...
1-5 of 5 Results