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  1. Wine gift box

    This wine gift box is maden from oak. The distorted edges in my opinion, are especially appealing part of this box. Please see the video Wine gift box
  2. Wine Gift Box that transforms into a Wine rack 02

    I made another one of these wine gift boxes. I really only wanted to make one, (can be seen here) because I find it to be a bit finicky to make, but the the wife shows it to friends and they keep on nagging and the upend of it I have to make three more of which this is the 1st. Two more to go...
  3. Wine Gift Box that transforms into a Wine rack

    This project took more than a year in making. Sometimes life gets in the way of woodworking. :) I saw this idea on the internet and decided it was a cool project. It is cool to give someone a bottle of wine in a gift box, but after the wine has been drunk, the gift box becomes obsolete. Here...
  4. Wine Bottle Gift Box

    This style has been shown a number of times but here is my go at it. Butternut if I remember correctly, Nara, Wenge were the woods of choice.
  5. wooden wine gift box

    This gift box has a elastic wooden lock that is opened using the handle. Wine box is made from chery wood, coated with tung oil. Outher dimensions are: Height 357 mm (14,06"); 384 mm (15,12") with handle Width 104 mm (4,09") Inner dimensions are: 80 mm x 343 mm (3,15" x 13,50")
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello! I have an old JET JWSS-10LFR (supersaw w/o the sliding table). Here's the manual. Mine is the 30" rip capacity version. I recently damaged the fence and instead of getting the same micro-glide fence (not a huge fan of it), I'd like to spend a bit more to upgrade to 50" rails and a...
1-6 of 6 Results