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  1. Balancing Wine bottle holder

    This bottle holder was made from a pattern found in a magazine I have. Its made from Birch full of knots and worked out well I think.
  2. It's A Balancing Act

    I've had this idea on my wall for 2 years. I wanted to make them, really. I just had to figure it out. And these took a lot of figuring. Science is involved, you see. Geometry. Physics. I was called to master gravity itself, and gravity is the consequence of the curvature of spacetime. Gravity...
  3. I did it, Three Bottles of wine Balanced

    Well I desided today to try something new and see if I could balance three bottles of wine but the trick was to have the stand also hold only one bottle or two. Well thanks again to a piece of wood Robert Triplett gave Laura and I I made this Walnut wine bottle holder. Thanks for all the...
  4. Gravity Wine Bottle Holders

    Just some quick and easy Christmas gifts for the family. Saw variations of these on LJ's and thought I'd try it. Found the 45 degree angle many specified was a little too slanted for my taste, plus the bottle came out almost horizontal when I've been told by some of my wine loving in-laws the...
  5. Pecan Humidor

    It's been tough to stay in the shop lately, we are deep into our Fall calving season, and it can be quite demanding! But I have been able to get this Humidor done in the past two weeks. A close friend of my son has developed an interest in cigars and needed a humidor. And before he left for...
  6. magic wine bottle holder

    This is the first one of these that i have tried to make and I am pretty sure this will be this years xmas presents that I send out. This is made from maple that has a little birdseye in it but not much as well as purple heart and some mesquite. The hole is 1 1/2 " wide and the center of the...
  7. free standing wine holder

    Just some scrap Ipe and scrap from a cutting board. They do work on full bottles of wine ;)
  8. First Projects!

    My first woodworking projects ever! We made two cutting boards, a stand for the boards, an angled wine bottle holder and a bottle stopper in the wood shop introduction class at Philadelphia Woodworks.
  9. Wine Bottle Holder

    I made these today in school out of some wood we had kicking around the shop. In the pictures they have one coat of lacquer. I made them out of walnut, padauk, cherry and birds eye maple. Great quick and easy Christmas gifts.
  10. Cowboy and Cowgirl Wine Bottle Holder

    This is an interesting wine bottle holder. Made the first one about 2 years ago for a friend that has a wine shop. I probably have made 60 or 70 of the little suckers so far. They make unique gifts and also retail quite well. Made a few "Santa Cowboys" for Christmas, with a Santa Suit and a...
  11. band wagon wine botter holder

    40 degrees on the base and i made a jig to hold it under the drill press. i want to say it was about 30-35 degrees and about 8 inches from the base. African Mahogany + boiled linseed oil + 4 coats of tiger garnet shellac. It's a gift for someone. I was told some wines need to be stored tilted so...
  12. Wine Bottle Holders

    I seen a wine bottle holder from another member the other day and I thought they were cool and would sell at the shows Laura and I do so I desided to try one. The Oak was my first, took it over to my local store tried a bottle and it worked but the first hole was a little big so I down sized it...
  13. Wine bottle holder

    Contemporary wine bottle holder I made for a wedding gift. It is Curly Maple and Walnut finished with Salad Bowl finish. It took me about 3 hours to make. Thanks for looking.
  14. Oak pantry

    I built this Oak pantry for our kitchen. It has adjustable shelves In the top half. The bottom has rows of dowels for my wife's bake ware. In the bottom doors I used chicken wire with plexiglass behind it to keep the dust out. The top doors my wife painted the middle with blackboard paint. The...
  15. F-18 Wine Bottle and Glass Holder

    This was a fun project to put together for a friend's farewell next week. The F-18 holder is oak with a few coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal. I was going to have laser engraved but the wife thought better to make a label for the wine bottle… Forest Gump would say…."so I did". The...
  16. USMC Wine Bottle Holder

    I have always enjoyed the wine bottle holders I have seen on the site. I finally made my first one last week and it is such a fun and easy project I almost felt guilty making them. So I decided to beef up the design a little and engraved the Marine Corps logo on it and added a couple of strips...
  17. Floating Wine Holders

    Made a few of these today. One is English Oak Crotch and the other is Curly Maple. Had to play with the angle a bit to get it just right. Finished with tung oil.
  18. Customized wine bottle and glass holders

    These were actually my first scroll saw projects I cut earlier this year. I saw a simple pattern for this wine bottle and set of glass holders on another forum and decided to add some customized graphics and names to them. Being in the printing business I'm fully fluent in most high end...
  19. Quilted Big Leaf Maple

    Here are the results of the big leaf maple I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago. The first two lazy susans are 16" and the third one is 12". The last two are wine bottle holders. I have 20 of the bottle holders made up with a mix of different trim strips in anticipation of a large...
  20. Thanksgiving Gifts

    Wine bottle holder made with purpleheart and birdseye maple and a bottle stopper made of maple and cocobolo made for a gift at Thanksgiving dinner (or lunch in this case).
1-20 of 29 Results