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  1. Cabernet Garden Bench

    I temporarily put my workbench project on hold to take a commission project. The client came to me asking to build a bench similar to one that they saw in a newspaper article. The Client loved the idea of furniture made from used wine barrel staves. Modifying the design from the inspiration...
  2. US Navy EA-18 Growler

    The wood shop smells of red wine after cutting up old wine barrel staves. I love to repurpose old wood and enjoy creating something totally new. This Growler is 27 inches long and 22 inches wide. I left rough instead of putting a clear coat on so I can smell the wine. My NY's plan is to start...
  3. Wine Barrel Old Glory

    Love making these wine barrel flags. Each one has it's own look and comes to life after clear coating.
  4. Bird Feeder - Suet Feeder - Wine Barrel Staves

    This was a simple little project. Some animal stole my wife's suet feeder, so I made her a new one. I used wine barrel staves for the frame and some welded metal wire mesh. The top of the feeder slides up the rope so that you can insert the suet cakes from the top. Very easy, but fun. The...
  5. For the love of retired wine barrels!

    Ok, so I haven't shared anything for a while, but I have been in the shop quite a bit. I discovered spoon making! and then more recently used wine barrels! So I have made bunches spoons and salad sets out of different hard woods…....then I bought a retired wine barrel and have really enjoyed...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I'm considering buying a WM 718 - comes with sander and gang-rip saw blades, also with dust collection unit. No molders, 2 sets of planer blades (one needs to be sharpened). What is a reasonable going price for a used machine? Do I want this machine? I have a 12 inch lunchbox planer and a...
1-6 of 6 Results